05 Kerea July 11 – August 7 Madrian/Filiani + Janite Ceres

Madrian name for the month (1977-2008 [1] & [3])

Kerea (Alternative Name Janite: Ceres [2])
(pronounced ker-e-ah)
July 11 – August 7

As in vessel or horn of plenty.


Ker is Old Norse for
tub, vessel, goblet

From Proto-Germanic *kazą.


Etymology 2
From Latin -ella.

-ea f (plural -ele, masculine -el, masculine plural -ei)

Used to form the feminine diminutive of a word

[1] In use by 2 Madrian orders:
Ordo Lux Madriana (Order of Light of Mother God Supreme) 1973 – 1983
[still being used in the corrupted household 1985 – 1989]

Ordo Rosa Ekklesia Madriana (Order of Rose of Mother God Supreme) early 1970’s – 2008

[2] Variant Name in use by Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites
Ceres (pronounced ser-es)
meaning cereal

[3] In use by Aristasia, Chelouranya & “The Chapel” 2007 – present day