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The Deanic/Filianic Faith began in the early 1970’s through several different organizations. The Janite Tradition takes its inspiration from one of these former Orders, while having evolved and developed our own practices, traditions and thealogy. We combine that which we have received with that which we have developed.

We honor Our Divine Mother God, in Her Triple Form of the Transcendent Celestial Mother, the Immanent Divine Daughter and the Great Mother or Absolute Deity. We also honor Her Seven Faces or Seven Powers who are known as the Janati.

We practice this Faith in our hestias, which are our home that have been blessed and consecrated in honor of Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

I am an ordained priestess who is married with five children and six grandchildren.

If you are interested in becoming an ordained priestess, please contact us: deanicfaith@gmail.com.

May Our Lady bless you.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia


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KoreDi-Jana Tradition

The Janite Trinitarii Deanic Faith. Valid & legally ordained Janite Order of Priestesses

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  1. Love the profile pic! I LOST all email contacts!!!
    Just sent you a package of materials.
    Vedia was my former religious name meaning Holy Spirit of the Forest. I decided not to use it.
    Please send an email to my new address so I have yours. I promise not to bug you!!!!

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