The Trinity and the Apple Tree Part 3/The Roots of Life

4 Ourania/Oct. 6Abaldi/Thurs.

O, Sai Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

13) and still beneath the branches and the bole (trunk) lie the roots in darkness, like unto She that is beyond both being and unbeing. 14) and even as the tree’s roots are not seen, so can there be no knowledge of the Absolute; for to know is to have passed beyond knowledge. The Seed of Truth.

As the canopy of the tree represents the Love of the Daughter and the trunk represents the Light of the Mother, so do the roots represent the Life of the Great Mother Who is Absolute Deity or the Monas (One). The Great Mother is the Ground of All Being, the Divine Source of the All. Our Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter find Their completeness within Her.

Some Traditions understand the Great Mother to be similar to the goddess Kali, a goddess of both life and destruction and that is perfectly acceptable from a more Eastern approach to the Divine Feminine Trinity, principally from Shaktism. As such, certain Traditions are careful to not approach the Absolute, directly.

As Janites (along with the Lady of Light Chantry, headed by ArchMatrona Ghrian), we tend to be more Western in our approach to the Great Mother. We are Trinitarian-focused in our prayers and rites. We do not fear to approach the Great Mother.

In the same manner, in certain denominations of Christianity, God the Father is understood to be the Ground of All Being/Absolute Deity and yet, the Father is known through His Son and He is worshiped. Christians do not fear to approach the Father.

Though the Great Mother is the Darkness beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness and as such, there is much that we cannot know about Her, She is revealed to us through the Divine Mother, the Holy Daughter and especially, through Madria Rhea who represents the Great Mother.

The Great Mother is the Source of the All and so what flows from Her helps us to know Her. She is the Eternal Wellspring of the River of Life and the Eternal Source of the Celestial Mother, of the Holy Daughter, of the Janae and all the living.

Though there is much that is unknowable about the Great Mother, as Our Mother who gave us Life, She knows us, intimately. Though we call Her by Name, that Name is Mystery: Mysteria. (Thanks to ArchMatrona Ghrian.)

The roots in the dark soil, such a fitting analogy for the Great Mother Who is the Root of All Life in Her Shimmering Darkness. In Her Twilight time of day, She is the Sheltering Stars above us.  In Her time of the Darkest Hour before the Dawn. She brings us the Light.

12 )Life is the life of the spirit- the First Principle; beyond being and unbeing. Life Was before existence. Life is the cause of existence. 

16) Let her (the soul) not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the Ground upon which that ground stands. Rather, let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as, in some sense, they are.

17) But, let her know Life Divine as the Truth beyond truth and the Faith beyond faith and doubt. The Crystal Tablet.

In our day and age, in this time of troubled confusion, many have given up on the idea of faith. They feel it is an outmoded idea and tend to forget the strong roots that Faith can bring into our lives and into our hestias (sacred hearth-homes). But, the tree cannot stand, the tree does not have life without the roots that cannot be seen. So deep into the ground do they go, but, they are there.

Some believe it is folly to believe in that which cannot be seen and yet, we learn from quantum physics that the unseen is the source and potential of all that is seen and so it is with the Great Mother.

The One Absolute Root remains buried deep within the cosmic soil. Hidden. Beyond the soil. Beyond the cosmos. Beyond manifest creation. And yet, without that One Root there would be no manifest creation. There would be no Life.  The Great Mother is that Still Centre Point of the great Cosmic Fora from Whom the All flows.

Though She is hidden, though She is Mystery, like the Holy Daughter and the Celestial Mother, we may approach Her as we would a beloved Grandmother. In Her quiet Stillness, in Her luminous Darkness, She is always there, waiting.

The Holy Daughter gives us our soul through Her Love.

The Celestial Mother gives us our spirit through Her Light.

The Great Mother gives us life for She is Life.

And that is enough for us to know. As the scriptures state: 15) And from this tree of all knowledge and of the boundaries beyond which knowledge cannot pass, I have given you but the seed of one apple.  18) But, I am not sent to discourse with you upon these matters, but to lead you to deliverance in Perfection. 19) And all the knowledge that shall bring you to deliverance is contained within the seed of an apple. 22) Therefore, when you think upon the questions of life, of time or of the spheres, contemplate first, the seed of Truth and let your thoughts unfold from that seed. 23) Let the pure and single note of Truth attune your souls. Then, shall mind rise up into soul and soul breathe the breath of Spirit. (The Seed of Truth.)

Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One.

She Who Mari,

She Who Jana/Anna,

She Who is Mysteria,

Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness.

Blessed is She.

May Our Lady bless you,

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

Scripture:  The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, edited by Philip P. Jackson. SMR


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  1. I have really enjoyed this series and appreciate this perspective on the Great Mother, which feels more natural to me than other perspectives I have seen elsewhere. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words, Madria. Both ArchMatrona Georgia and I have favored a more Western approach to the Great Mother. It is to her that we owe the titles of Dea Matrona and Mysteria.

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