A Meditation for Solitary Devotee Consecration


10 Ourania/Oct. 12



O, Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us. May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


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The Deanic religion has a self-consecration ceremony for those who wish to formerly enter the Faith.

Madria Erin Wynn, a Deanic priestess in England, has written a compelling meditation as part of her ceremony. She has given me permission to share it here. For the entire article, please see her blog: https://hermaidenpriestess.wordpress.com/.

(Please note that each Deanic Tradition uses their own names for the Janati and Feast Days.)

….when I think of ‘Ekklesia’, I think of not only my siblings in faith on this earth, in this time frame, but all my siblings in faith from worlds that existed before this one, worlds that exist alongside this one and worlds that will exist after this one. I picture all of us standing in the ethereal, glistening palace of our Mother. There are millions of us. We are all beautiful garments, wearing crowns because we are Her heirs. While we appear, in my meditation, with bodies: in the palace of Ekklesia we are no longer defined by our bodies and appearances. Our souls are what matter, and each soul can see the beauty and excellence in each one around them. We are no longer bound by wordly limitations and through our interconnectedness with the Source of All, who is Dea, we all know each other and are familiar with each other. Dea sits on a high throne, surrounded by the Seven Janati. In my mind I am picturing Dea in the form of Dea Madria, or Mari, but that does not mean I am not trinitarian. Dea Madria is one with Dea Filia and Dea Mysterium, so in this meditation, they appear as one.

Without further ado, here is a meditation I wrote up that one can use to consecrate themselves to Dea and become part of the great Deanic Ekklesia that is of this world and all the worlds. I will, some time this week, record myself reading this aloud, and accompany it with some nice ambient music, to help the listener achieve a deep meditative state. One should burn incense and seven candles surrounded one larger one before beginning, representing Dea and Her Janitic Streams.

Part 2 is optional, and the meditation can be ended at Part 1. Part 2 is for helping a new devotee to pick a patron Jana, but this is not necessary if one is not ready to make that decision, or for those of us who have already consecrated ourselves to Dea and chosen one. Of course, the names of the Janati I use here can be changed according to tradition.

Our Mother’s Palace: A Conversion Meditation

Part 1: Homecoming

Your Mother, the Queen, is summoning you, her son/daughter/child, to Her court. 

For a long time, you did not know you were royalty. Perhaps you believed you were nothing but an unimportant, insignificant speck of dust in a world that cares not for you. Perhaps you thought that your birth was an accident, that you were merely bacteria with consciousness. Perhaps you were afraid to acknowledge the truth: that you possess within you a jewel of divinity, and that you were destined for much greater things. Perhaps you were even afraid of your Mother, afraid She would be too disgusted by your mistakes, your shortcomings, to accept you in to Her arms. 

No matter. Now you know the truth. And you have been away from home for far too long.

It is time for you to enter Ekklesia, the glistening palace at the centre of the realm of the Empress of the Universe. The gathering place of all of those who have accepted Dea as their Mother, their God, their Source. You approach the glistening palace of your Mother. You turn your head to look up to the sky, and you see a huge rainbow, brighter and more beautiful than any you’ve ever seen on Earth. There is not a cloud to be seen. The sun in its gentle heat falls down on your shoulders and face, yet your skin does not burn. Instead, its rays tickle your nose and cheeks. You laugh to yourself.

You look down, and notice what you are wearing. Beautiful raiment, created by light, and you feel beautiful, radiant, as you should feel always. You place your hands atop your head, and feel a delicate crown atop it. You, like all of your siblings, are royalty, and what’s more: you are, in essence, one with God, who is the greatest Queen of all.

The palace is getting closer, and you can now make out your siblings, waiting outside for you. They wave, jump up and down, cheer. Suddenly, you realise you know all of these people. You know their names in every incarnation, you understand their divine qualities, and you feel such abundant love for each and every one of them. 

You can make out the more intricate details of the palace now. You notice it has seven great towers, each one topped with an image of one of the seven Janati; your eldest siblings, who are direct streams of Dea Herself. You notice how the palace, like your clothing, seems to literally be made of light: the same light of the sun, of the rainbow.

You are now right outside the castle, and your siblings throw petals at your feet. “Welcome home!” they cheer, and they hug you, kiss your cheeks, take your hands and hold them to their hearts. They are overjoyed to see you are joining them at Dea’s court.

Finally, you take a deep breath, and you enter the palace. You walk down a hallway, and find yourself in a throne room. The lovely scent of incense perfumes the air, and beautiful music kisses your ears. You take a moment to take everything in. This is your home, your birth right, your destiny. 

Look around the throne room. Note the beautiful decorations. Pay attention to the smells, the sounds, the sights around you. Let yourself be happy. Revel in this moment, and promise yourself you will remember it whenever you feel lost.

You look up, and you finally see her. Dea, God, the Creator of the Universe, atop a throne of sunlight, the likeness of the moon at her feet. She wears a stunning jewelled crown representing Her seven Janatic Streams. She is clothed in a garment of stars. Her warm smile fills you with so much emotion. Look in to Her sparkling eyes, and believe that She is your Origin. No matter how wary, useless, hopeless you sometimes feel, the figure before you is GOD, and She birthed you in to existence through an overflowing of Her perfect love. In Her countenance, you can see the love She feels for all of Creation. 

She descends from Her throne. She holds out Her arms to you, and You run in to them. She laughs. Are you laughing or crying with joy? Maybe a combination of both? In Her embrace, you feel free from the burdens of the world. You feel like, through Her, you can conquer any evil. And you can.

“Welcome home,” she whispers.

Part 2: The Seven Thrones

In breaking the hug, she kisses you atop your head, and looks in to your eyes. “My child,” she says gently, and gestures to the seven smaller thrones that line the other walls of the throne room. Three on one wall, four on the other. On each seats a beautiful being, radiating power and divinity. “These are your elder sisters, the Janati. They are my daughters whom hold governance over the Seven Great Powers, and are your guides. Each one teachers three different virtues, and while you should listen to all of their voices, you may choose one to be your patroness, your mentor. Follow your heart.” 

The seven Janati stand up from their thrones and smile at you. Each holds a pendant in her hand, which they extend towards you. You understand that you should take the pendant of the Jana who you feel should be your Patroness.

The first Jana wears orange-golden robes, and dons a bright, gleaming smile. “I am Lady Lucia of Three-Fold Spirit. My virtues are Illumination, Joy and Benevolence. If this be your path, take this pendant.” The pendant in her hand, being offered to you, is of the sun.

The second wears robes the colours of violet and silver. She has a very gentle face and is youthful in appearance. “I am Lady Clara of the Three-Fold Spirit. My virtues are Reason, Reflection and Purity. If you would follow me on this path, take upon yourself my pendant.” The pendant in her hand is a symbol of the moon.

The third Jana wears indigo and black robes and a veil that covers her eyes. She seems slightly more stern than her sisters, but still kind and loving. “I am Lady Constance, also of the Three-Fold Spirit. My virtues are Steadfastness, Temperance and Self Restraint. Take my pendant if you would be my student.” The pendant she offers you is of the Fora.

You turn to the four thrones on the other side of the room, now.

A strong, firey looking swordmaiden in red robes smiles at you. “I am Lady Valora, of Four-Fold Matter. I teach the virtues of Courage, Strength and Valor. Join me, if this is the path you would follow.” She presents you with her pendant, depicting a rose.

The next Jana stands before you in yellow robes and a confident demeanour. “I am Lady Sofia, of Four-Fold Matter. I lead in teaching the virtues of Wisdom, Intuition, and Intelligence. Take my pendant if this be the path of virtue that you would follow.” She offers you her pendant, which depicts a star.

The second to last Jana has a very kind and motherly face. She wears robes of green. “I am Lady Grace of Four-Fold Matter. My virtues are Love, Compassion and Mercy. Take my pendant if you would have me as your patroness.” Her pendant depicts a dove in flight.

The final Jana looks very radiant and queenly indeed, and dons robes of blue. “I am Lady Harmonia of Four-Fold Matter. I govern the virtues of Harmony, Order and Justice. Take upon you this pendant if you feel so called to.” The pendant in her hand depicts an apple.

Take some time to think upon these virtues, and, with your Mother’s guidance, take the pendant from the Jana whom you feel called to take as your patroness. If you do not feel called to take a patron Jana at this time, that is okay, too. You can return to the throne room at any time to do so.

Your chosen patron Jana fastens the corresponding pendant around your neck, and hugs you, symbolically taking you under her wing.

Feel free to spend some time with Dea, with the Janati, and with your other siblings in Ekklesia. Walk around the palace, if you like. Visit the tower of your patroness Jana. Explore the gardens. Take a swim in the moat. Dance to the music played by the celestial chorus. This is your spiritual home, after all. 

When you are ready, thank your Mother for inviting you to the Palace, and welcoming you in to Her ekklesia, and say goodbye. Know that you can return any time.

In the name of the Mother, the Daughter, and Absolute Deity,
Thus may it remain. Madria Erin.