My Shimovane/Samhain

2/Samhain/Nov. 1



O, Madria Vicka, Guardian of South and Fire, may the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Due to personal circumstances, I had to plan an impromptu Shimovane/Samhain celebration last night.

Usually, I put out a feast of goodies, wine, milk and honey for my ancestors and friends who are visiting from beyond the Veil and a shot of bourbon or whiskey for my dad. I will perform rituals and divination amidst jack-o-lanterns, candles and other decorations. I use some of the meaningful prayers and ideas from Silver Hawk’s book, Halloween.   I love to dress up …well, as myself…long skirt and a cloak and then don lots of fun make-up. I’m a gypsy at heart and that is exactly what I look like when I venture out with my grandchildren trick or treating. After trick or treating, I celebrate my liturgy and simply commune with Nature on this, my most favorite holy/holiday.

Last year, there was a young Wiccan woman who had the most fragrant herbal smoke billowing out of her large outdoor cauldron. I complimented her on it because it lent such authenticity and magick to the air, but sadly, I realized the other day that they had moved. I had been looking forward to meeting her, again.

Last night I couldn’t do any of these things. And so, I went to my camp by a small lake. It was sooo quiet and peaceful. The minute you arrive and watch the lake and greet the land spirits, all the stress and anxiety within melts away. The only noise was the Canadian geese, honking to each other while they rested on the sandbar or flapping the air on their way to better weather.

Originally, I had planned to serve my liturgy on the small beach that we have, but being barely 30 degrees out, I celebrated it at my indoor altar. My liturgy ended up being very meaningful because my relationship with the Holy Daughter has recently taken on new meaning and a much greater closeness.

I greeted my ancestors and friends who had died and told them that I remembered them. I shared a quiet toast with my dad (unfortunately, there was only Southern Comfort available) and brought him up to date on the new grandchildren.

Then, I made a wonderful campfire which is my bonfire. I sat for hours by the fire beneath the stars. It was the Dark Moon, I believe and so the sky was ablaze with stars. We are pretty much surrounded by woods and so the night sky was amazing. I have been going to that camp, soon to be my home, for over 20 years and though I have always loved watching the Full Moon rise over the water, I never realized, until last night, that the stars are also reflected in the water like pinpricks of light floating on the dark stillness.

It is a magickal place where Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit meet.

Though my Shimovane did not go as planned, my impromptu celebration filled me with wonder, healing and peace. I hope that all of you had a meaningful holy day, as well.  Thanks be to Our Lady.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.