The Sacred and Healing Qualities of Amber

23 Samhain/Nov.22



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Though amber is a resin and not a gemstone, it was sacred to Classical Pagan and Heathen priestesses of the Goddess and it is particularly sacred to the goddesses, Freya, Brighid and Danu. The goddess, Freya, was said to wear an amber necklace.

The Greeks believed that sunlight was actually trapped in amber and it was known as the Stone of the Mother Goddess. Amber is also known as the tears of the sun. (4)

For Janites, the fact that amber was believed to contain sunlight and was sacred to the Mother Goddess makes it a particularly sacred substance for us, as we honor Our Divine Mother God as the Supernal Sun.

shopping (These beautiful earrings, available from Eve’s Addiction, are particularly sacred for us. They combine the inner fire of amber and the Form of the Rose. In our Faith, Madria Dea, Mother God, is known as the Fiery Rose of Heaven. According to our scriptures, She is the Flame in the Rose-shaped temple of our hearts.)

Lately, I have found that, quite unconsciously, I have only been wearing my Baltic amber earrings, of which I have two pairs from Russia. One pair was given to me as a gift from my daughter, who lived in Moscow and the other came from a Russian friend. I didn’t really become conscious that I was only wearing the amber until my trip to visit my son and his family in Montana.

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When I was visiting my son and his family, I was surprised to see a beautiful amber necklace being worn by my fourteen month old grand-daughter, Ava Marie. Unknown to me, she has been wearing it daily since she was six months old.

I had heard of the idea of amber teething necklaces, but hadn’t put much stock in their effectiveness until my most wonderful daughter-in-law explained to me why it works. It has to do with the oil or acid which emanates from the amber. (This is why it’s best not to be worn in the bathtub or swimming.) My daughter-in-law puts the necklace on Ava in the morning and takes it off at night. The amber must be certified and it must touch the skin in order to be effective.

My grand-daughter used to have a terrible problem with teething and the drooling was so bad, she would soak through her clothes. Immediately after wearing the necklace, those symptoms ceased and never returned. (Not even with her one year molars!!!!)

Amber is also known for other healing qualities such as the strengthening  of the immune system and it is known to have strong protective qualities.

I sensed that the wearing of the necklace by my granddaughter has almost become a sacred practice for my son and his wife, even though they are not religious, as a family. They have already purchased a new one for their three week old son, Aaron Michael!

So, I determined that I would put a Baltic amber bracelet on my wish list! (Must have husband read this article. 🙂

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(Below, I list an article on the many healing qualities of amber. Just scroll down to the section under Amber Uses and Purposes. (1))

When I got back from my trip to Montana, I was determined to find an amber necklace to wear as a priestess. I tend to wear a pendant of the Sacred Symbol of the Season and needed a North Star pendant for the Sacred Season of Winter. Imagine my surprise when I found this pendant which is known as the North Star or the Celtic North Star necklace and is made of certified Baltic Amber!!!!! (2) It’s also very close in shape to the Fora!!!


(Of course, it is always important to bless sacred jewelry.)

If any of you are interested in amber jewelry or amber teething necklaces for your babies, grand-babies, relatives or friends or simply as a sacred and protective necklace for the children, Baltic Essentials would be a great place to start. I also found a lot on Etsy (very nice earrings) and do your own search on certified Baltic amber (jewelry) and you will find some beautiful pieces. (3)

After all of this, after amber suddenly became so sacred to me as a female and as a priestess of Dea, imagine my surprise that upon my return from my trip, I discovered that ArchMatrona Georgia Cobb of the Lucienne Tradition (Lady of Light Chantry) had just posted an article on amber!!!!! Scroll down to the article, Electryone and Amber. (4).

So, unknown to the both of us, the two bishops of the sister Janite and Lucienne Traditions both became aware of how healing, sacred and protective is Amber…..both at the exact same time. Do you think Dea is trying to tell us something? (smiles).


Eternal is the Light of the Mother,

She Who is the Supernal Sun. Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia






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