The Sacred Season of Winter


28 Samhain/Nov. 27




O, Madria Thea, Jana of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Amen.


Please note that the previous article on the Green Candle of Wisdom has been updated. Thank you.


Tomorrow, Lunadi, 1 Astrea, is the first day of the Sacred Season of Winter and it is also the Feast of Madria Sofia.

Our five Seasons are considered to be sacred because each of them encapsulates one of our Five Main Mysteries and so, we enter each Season with deep devotion and humble joy.

The Sacred Season of Winter marks the beginning of the Daughter time of year beginning with the Mystery of the Nativity. It is the time when we are guided by the North Star, the Sacred Symbol of Winter. (More on the North Star to come.) The Holy Daughter, Dea Filia, is both the Star of Hope and the Midnight Star of Wonder.

During Astrea, the Holy Daughter first appears as our Star of Hope, She Who enfolds us within Her Soul and guides us back to Our Celestial Mother. Though we may feel, at times, like we are plunging and flailing beneath the depths of turbulent, inky seas, She uplifts us and shows us the way back to safe shores and the comforting light of home. So united with us is She, that there is nothing we experience that She does not experience with us, nothing within us that She does not understand. She sails those seas with us and is with us every moment of each day.

The darkest nights of Winter are a time of great hope and beauty. When better, can we see that fantastic display of starlight flashing against the velvet backdrop of space?

When other, (depending upon where one lives), are we able to witness the varied-colored display of the Aurora, the northern and southern lights?

Here in the North, we experience a time of stillness, of quietness when the snow-pack covers the ground. In the South, it is a time when the harshness of the summer heat retreats and soft winter breezes stream through the land.

Winter is a time of introspection and relative rest for our souls, if we allow it to be so. We are able to take a step back and relax in the surety of our Faith, knowing that we are accomplishing Dea’s Sovereign Will in our daily lives. Let us take time for meditation and contemplation as we sit by our hearths or enjoy the beauty of Nature.

The correspondences for Winter are: Jana: Madria Sofia.Symbol: North Star.  Element: Air. Elemental Color: yellow. Liturgical color: yellow. Direction: North. Time of Day: Midnight.

O, Dea, Star of Hope, be with us.