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3 Astrea/Nov. 30



O, Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

sunwheel-ideas-elfs-archmatrona-georgia (Courtesy of the Elegant Lady Feminine Seminary.)

I am starting a FAQ page. It will be on the menu, above. I will keep the names of the questioners, private. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to me at Deanicfaith at and we will be happy to address them. Thank you.

I encourage our readers and members to regularly check out the other Deanic blogs and Tumblr posts that may be found in our links section. There are many beautifully written and inspiring posts out there. It’s wonderful to see how this Faith is beginning to bud and blossom through multi-hued expressions and perspectives!


There are a few posts that I would like to mention:

On the Lady of Light Chantry, ArchMatrona Georgia has written about the Lucienne Tradition of the Ringing of the Silver Branch. I think this is a beautiful tradition and I would like to recommend it, especially for those who do not have a silver tree.

Please note that the Lucienne Tradition uses the Ostara Cycle in the lighting of the Sunwheel while the Janite Tradition uses the Divine Life Cycle, but the basic meaning is the same.

634ef73c85ca8422f1291c13084dbb37  (I just love this icon with the Fora on the Protective Mantle. If anyone knows where this icon may be obtained, please let us know!)

Hymns: some of our priestesses and devotees are beginning to work on Deanic hymns. This is a much needed area in our religion. In the meantime, there are many beautiful Marian hymns that may be adapted for our Faith. A list of them may be found here: Also, listed on this site is Holy God, We Praise Thy Name. I always sing the first section of this hymn during liturgy. I sing it as Holy Dea, We Praise Thy Name. The first section of the Salve Regina is one I sing at the end of every liturgy. It was always one of my favorites.

More Marian hymns, which may be adapted for Dea, may be found here and the music to almost all Marian hymns may be found online:

Wikipedia has a more complete list. I’m sure they can be found in a search. Scroll down to “List of Roman Catholic Hymns” and you will see the Marian hymns listed.


Madria Erin discovered this hauntingly beautiful hymn to the Star Maiden:


cosmic_and_sacred_dance (Sophia’s Sanctuary).

Other areas of artistic development that I would like to see pursued for the Deanic Faith would be the areas of Sacred, Lyrical Dance and Iconography.

One way to gather a Faith Community together would be to learn Sacred Dance together. (Please check out Lyrical Dancing and you will understand that this form of dance, in its slow movement form, would be wonderful for Western Sacred Dance.).

Years ago, I would have questioned the placement of dance within liturgy, but a friend of mine, who converted to Judaism, explained to me about Davidic dancing. I have never seen it, but her joy and enthusiasm made me realize that sacred dance has been part of worship since the dawn of time.

A few years ago, I attended an Episcopal Church that had a magnificent choir. During liturgy, a sacred dance was performed by a group of young girls who belonged to the parish. Their costumes were tasteful and flowing and the dance was so reverent, I left realizing that dance has a place in liturgy, if it is done the right way. It was uplifting.

Sacred dance and hymns are a form of prayer and worship in and of themselves.


I think that’s all the Bits and Pieces for now!


May Our Lady Bless you,

Blessed is She.


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  1. Icon of the Mother of God “Shroud”
    [Intercession. 40×30 cm]
    40×30 board, gesso, oil, gold, 2013,

    Valentina Murenkova, the female artist is a member of Union of arts of Russia, member of International Association of Art, IAA AIAP UNESCO. Valentina paints Orthodoxy icons for 20 years and her works you can find in different countries, museums, like The Yusupov Palace in Saint-Petersburg, and private collections. Her email address:
    I google webpage translated the Russian website

    There is a large image of the icon

    suitable for printing

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