The Yellow Candle of Hope

Sunnadi/ Sunday

7 Astrea/Dec. 4


O, Madria Thea, Jana of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Amen.

north star


(Instructions for the remainder of the week may be found at the end of this post.)

Today, on our Sunwheel, we light the Yellow Candle of Hope in honor of the Holy Daughter, Kore. (Kor-a, which means Maiden.) The Mystery which it represents is the Winter Mystery of the Nativity. Unlike the Christ of Christianity, the Holy Daughter did not incarnate as an human being here on Earth, rather, in the manner of the Divine Sophia, She emanated from the Celestial Mother and took on the rarefied Form of Soul. This is the Mystery which we celebrate on Daughter’s Day/Yule.

The Yellow Candle of Hope represents Winter, North, Air, Midnight, the North Star, the Mystery of the Nativity and Madria Sofia.

download-19 Daughter Goddess Sunna

Mother’s Night/Daughter’s Day is an old Norse Tradition for whom the day is celebrated in honor of the young Goddess, Sunna; Sol being her mother. (1)

Mother’s Night was also celebrated by the Anglo-Saxons in honor of the Matronae/Matres, the pan-European Triple Mothers. (2) The idea of Mother’s Night has been retained as a tradition, in many parts of European Christianity, but the night has been transferred from Yule Eve to Christmas Eve, as it is now celebrated in honor of the Virgin Mary.


First, light the Green Candle of Wisdom and pray, O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, be with us.

Then, light the Yellow Candle of Hope and pray: O, Dea, Star of Hope, be with us.

Then, the following scripture readings:

From the Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chapter 1, verses 1-7.

When the first night had come upon the world, the Mistress of All Things stood alone once more, as She had in the beginning. 2) For a terrible abyss had opened to lie between the world and She, and Her creatures could not look upon Her brightness.

3) And She stood in contemplation upon the waters of the first darkness; like a great Dove upon the waters She brooded. 4) And She became absorbed within Her and communed with Her own Self; and Her Light ceased to shine forth from Her and yet, Her Light grew greater. 5) And She fell to Her knees. And the surface of the waters became turbulent and the great waves curled over Her and their white foam could not be seen in all that darkness.

6) And when the waters became calm again, the Mistress of All Things rose to Her feet. 7) For She had conceived a Daughter that was not separate from Her, but one with Her and the Child of Her Light.

Taken from the Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chapter II verses 1-3.

1 And She walked across the seas and deep into the forests of the Earth, until She came upon the deep cave that was at the centre. 2) And She entered the cave and a Star rose above the sacred grove that lay about the cave, brighter and more resplendent than all the stars of the heavens. 3) And the Star was seen all over the Earth; and the children of the Earth were filled with wonder and they came to the place where the Star stood in the sky.


Psalm 13: Star of Hope

Divine Daughter, Star of Hope, Blessed Soteria! You, Who are the Princess of the World; You, Who are the Priestess of the World and You, Who are the Daughter of Wisdom, all splendor and blessings be upon You! You, Who are the First Light of Dawn; You, Who are the Midnight Star of Wonder; You Who are the Holy Soul, we rejoice and exult in You! More precious than fragrance most rare! More brilliant than jewels most dazzling! More sublime than music most sweet! Beyond all expressions of words, of song, of art, are You! All praises of love and joy and worship are rightly Yours, O, Kyria!



May the blessings of light be upon you,
Light without and light within.
The blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire.
And in all your comings and goings,
May you ever have a kindly greeting
From them you meet on the road. (Irish blessing).

Ending prayers:

Hail, Kore, Fountain of Grace, Glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Queen of Heaven and blessed is Thy beloved Mother. Holy Dea, Daughter God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.

Glorious is the Eternity of Dea.

Let us bless the Queen of Heaven.

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power.

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

(Trace Fora) In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.

(Extinguish candle after the meal.)


Each night for the following week, as we light the Sunwheel for the evening meal:

First, light the Green Candle of Wisdom and pray:

O, Dea, Apple of Faith, be with us.

Then, light the Yellow Candle of Hope and pray:

O, Dea, Star of Hope, be with us.

Extinguish the candles after the meal.


May Our Lady Bless you.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia







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