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The following is an interpretation of certain passages in the Creation Mythos, which is said to have originally been based upon the Kosmopiia. The interpretations, following my teaching on emanation, are by our Sister, Sophia, a long-time Deanic devotee and reflects Janite thealogy.

Over-all, as ArchMatrona Georgia of the Lucienne Tradition has pointed out, the Creation Mythos is a symbolic story or narrative of events that takes place beyond time, space and the imaginings of the finite human mind and so the following is but one way to understand this symbolic narrative:

We can say that all human spirits ultimately emanated from the Source, from the Great Mother, through the Holy Mother. The Celestial Mother as the Matrix, takes all the Potentialities, all the Primordial Ideas and manifests them into existence, including our individual spirits. The Holy Daughter then covers our spirits with souls so that we are able to enter manifest existence. In this way, all is ultimately One with the Great Mother, with Source, with the One. (A. M. Pamela)
pillars_of_creation_2014_hst_wfc3-uvis_full-res_denoised (Pillars of Creation).

Title 1, Chapter 1
Verse 1-2

1. Before and beyond all things is the Mistress of All Things. When nothing was, She was.
2. Having no solid place that Her feet might rest upon, She divided the sea from the sky,
and made a dance of solitary splendour upon the crested deeps.

From our Sister, Sophia:

“Before and beyond”, sets this myth outside of time and space, it also states that Dea is the Unoriginated Origin of being and Absolute Deity.

Verse 1 in my understanding, is expressive of the unity of Dea Matrona the Great Mother (alluded to as before and beyond all things), as the Life and Veiled Origin of Eternity, Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the Darkness, WITH “Mistress of All Things” a title of Dea Madria, our Celestial Mother, Creatrix, Light, Essence and Spirit.

Verse 2 in my understanding is the emanation from Dea Matrona, the Great Mother (sea) of Dea Madria, the Celestial Mother (sky).

Title 1, Chapter 1
Verses 4-5 and verse 8

Creation of all life forms apart from humans and nature spirits

4. And the white force of Her superabundant joy grew so great that it must take shape in laughter; and Her laughter was the shape of all things. 5. For each peal of Her voice became a silver fragment, broken from the Whole and yet complete in itself. And She loved each fragment with all the joy of Her being.

And She laughed
8. And each fragment was filled with Her delight, and therefore was living.

From our Sister, Sophia on Verses 4 – 5:
Her Divine Joy expands and emanates out of Herself so that it becomes Godly Laughter. There is now something of Her, external to Her. Sound is the primary cause of Creation linked to Spirit, the first element from which the other four flow.
Dea Creatrix is Spirit, Light, Essence.
In the creation of plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes and sea creatures, these are all fragments of Her.

Verse 8:
It is Her loving delight that imparts life into plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes and sea creatures.
I think that the way that this is stated means as a part of God/Dea they should be respected.


Verses 9 – 10 are the creation/emanation of humanity, specifically females. (Axial beings)

9. And at the edges, where the waters had been parted, they lay still and shallow; and there She cast Her gaze. And She saw an image of Herself, all suffused in the light of love and energy.
And She laughed.
10. And as She laughed, the image rose up from the water and stood before Her. And this was the first of Her daughters. And she was filled with love for Her, and therefore was the first creature of Spirit.

On Verses 9 – 10:
Godly Laughter animates Her reflection in the primordial water.
This is a way of stating the creation of beings that reflect Mother Dea most closely because we are an image of Her Divine Self.

It is the love of humanity towards their Creatrix that signifies that humans are Spirit.


Creation/manifestation of nymphs & sprites. (Axial beings)

12. And the Mistress of All Things was filled with delight, and ran laughing through the forests of the earth. 13. And every peal of Her voice became the image of a silver fragment of Her Spirit. 14. And the trees and rivers were filled with nymphs and every kind of sprite. And all were Her daughters. And Her love for each was inexhaustible, for each was a reflection of some boundless fragment of Her unbounded Spirit. 15. And all their multitude did not exhaust the number of the fragments of Her Spirit.

On Verses 12 -15:
Nymphs – “Greek: Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing…”

Sprites – “A sprite is a supernatural entity. They are often depicted as fairy like creatures or as an ethereal entity . The word “sprite” is derived from the Latin “spiritus” (spirit), via the french “espirit” Variations on the term include “spright” and the Celtic “spriggan”.”

So these creations are being explained as ethereal spirits who animate nature.

On Verse 13.
Godly Laughter becomes a fragment of Her Spirit.
The colour of God’s Spirit is either Silver of the Lunar
or Golden of the Solar depending upon which version of the Scriptures is being read. (Note: Janites would accept Golden being the Color of the Mother’s Spirit and Silver being the color of the Holy Daughter’s. We believe that the original color of creation was Silver, symbolically speaking. Silver contains within itself the potentiality of all color and so, Primordial Creation contained within itself the potentiality of the manifestation of all Primordial Ideas).


Thank you, our Sister, Sophia, for these profound thoughts for contemplation.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this insight; I really appreciate it.

    One thing I have long been curious about I think is alluded to here- that the Celestial Mother manifested our individual spirits, and that the Daughter “covers our spirits with souls so that we are able to enter manifest existence.” What is the distinction here between souls and spirits? If we originally emanated from Dea, then what is the purpose of the Daughter’s sacrifice and our resulting souls? I hope this makes sense.

  2. I guess the quote itself states that the purpose of the daughter giving us souls is so that we can “enter manifest existence,” but I think that is the piece that I am unclear on; I don’t really know what that means.

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