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7 Brighid/Jan. 29

Matrix of All Creation

O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Many devotees, of certain religious traditions such as Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Wicca carry portable altars or shrines with them whenever they travel or take a trip or vacation. Traditional Catholics might bring along a statue of Mary and a crucifix along with their missals and rosary beads. Here are some examples:

Orthodox Christians have an home shrine called an Icon Corner. And so, some Orthodox Christians might carry a foldable Triptych such as this one from Holy Trinity Store, (please note, prices on Triptychs vary widely):


There are all kinds of beautiful Buddhist travel altars:


Hindu travel altars vary widely from a small tin size or a bit more elaborate.




Wiccan altars also vary from small tin sizes to the larger altars:

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Our own Sorella Shoshana of the Iremian Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood has fashioned her own unique Deanic travel altar.



Here, Sorella Shoshana is using electric candles for the health and safety of her bird, Lyric.

I believe that boxes like these may be found in most major craft stores. They can be painted or varnished according to taste. Priestesses might add a small chalice and plate (patene’) if liturgy is to be served.

Of course, it’s nice to carry along the scriptures, too. Where I pray the rosary, I always carry my rosary beads in my purse.

Thank you, Sorella Shoshana for such an inspiring idea. Your travel altar is beautiful!


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  1. I have one too, and it has tiny statues from Goddess I made mine from a paper mache box, acrylic paint, and various craft items. It has traveled with me for years and is a comforting reminder of my home Shrine.

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