The Akathist to the Dove of Spring

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This Akathist (hymn) was inspired by the Orthodox Christian Akathist to the Holy Theotokos (Godbearer). It may be chanted on 1 Columbina, the second day of Eastre. The Akathist to the Dove of Spring consists of seven stanzas of seven verses each. It is interspersed with scripture readings and the Hail Kora mantra prayer.

The Akathist to the Dove of Spring (Copyright protected. For personal use, only. Permission for the members of the JOP to share on their media with all due crediting.)

The Akathist may be prayed in full, or by praying only a few stanzas at a time.


Trace Fora over yourself and say: In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.

Beginning Prayer:

Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One.

She Who is Mari.

She Who is Kora.

She Who is Mysteria.

Blessed is She.


The Seven bows:


Hail, O, Divine Lady, Theia, hail. (bow)

Hail, O, Divine Lady Candra, hail. (bow)

Hail, O, Divine Lady Vicka, hail. (bow)

Hail, O, Divine Lady Sofia, hail. (bow)

Hail, O, Divine Lady Thema, hail. (bow)

Hail, O, Divine Lady Grace, hail. (bow)

Hail, O, Divine Lady Rhea, hail. (bow)


Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the world into being. Beyond all knowing is the splendor of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, within Your mighty Mantle and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


Hail, O, Dove of Peace, O, Shattered Soul,  Hail!

Hail, Holy Soul of the World, O, Divine Temple of Our Spirits, Hail!

Hail, O, Princess of the World, O, Ruler of all Creation, Hail!

Hail, O, Purest Dove, O, Divine Purity, Hail!

Hail, O, Supernal Moon, O, Reflected Light of the Holy One, Hail!

Hail, O, High Priestess, O, Mistress of Priestesses, Hail!

Hail, O, Soteria, O, Savioress, O, Sacrificial One, Hail!

And, as She walked, the children of the Earth threw blossoms before Her, and though Her feet rested on them, yet, they were not bruised. The Mythos of the Divine Maid, VII:1. The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians. 

Hail, Kora, fountain of Grace, glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Queen of Heaven and blessed is Thy Divine Mother.


Hail, O, Divine Star of Midnight, O, Midnight Star of Wonder, Hail!

Hail, O, Holy Dove of the Sacrifice, O, Great Dove of the Waters, Hail! (*)

Hail, O, Divine Maid, O, Shining  One, Hail

Hail, O, Divine Aurora, O, Dawn of Time, Hail!

Hail, O, Sustainer of All Creation, O, Ruler of manifestation, Hail!

Hail, O, Love incarnate in Soul, O, Supernal Love, Hail!

Hail, O, Divine Breath of Nature, O, Primordial Love, Hail!

2) And, She reigned over all the Earth, bringing all Nature back to life and all life back to the true law and rhythm of Nature. And the whole world knew Her as its Princess. 





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