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7 Columbina/March 27

O, Madria Candra, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.



As we place the finishing touches on our calendar, I have decided to adopt the name for Daughter’s Day (the day of Yule) as proposed by Moxxi, formerly of  deastarseed on Tumblr, now This link will be added to our links section this evening.

She came up with the absolutely most brilliantly inspired idea of naming Daughter’s Day, Filiadi! That is absolutely perfect for the Deanic religion! Thank you, Jacqueline for such a stellar idea!



I have long been toying with the idea of Lustration. It means purifying. The ancient Romans/Greeks had a day/period of lustration. Unfortunately, it often also involved animal sacrifice, but that was due to the the religious/social culture of the times.

I feel this idea is very fitting for female Deanic clergy and devotees. Many ancient religions held rites of Purification, modern religions do, as well, in the form of baptism, Mikvahs and other purification rites.

Purification baths are inherently feminine in nature. Water is feminine and powerful. It is a carrier of information and energy.

Madria Candra is the Mistress of Purity, the Guardian of Spirit and Ruler of Moura and so it is quite fitting that Lustration would occur during the Sacred Month over which She rules.

The day of Lustration on the Janite Calendar will occur on 28 Moura/March 19, the day of the Divine Shattering. On this day, the members of the JOP and any devotees who are so inclined, are encouraged to take a ritual, purifying bath with essential oils and salts, in addition to the practice of veiling, in honor of the Divine Mystery of this day and in preparation for the symbolic sharing of the life-giving Soul of the Holy Daughter on Eastre.

This is one day that I think a fast might be considered, but never mandatory. Fasting comes in different modes. This will be addressed in the future.


Blog Updates

The Lady of Light Chantry is now accurately described as a Feminine Religious Society (Sacred Sorority or Devotional Sisterhood) dedicated to Dea Matrona (Divine Great-Mother).  Please see all updated pages on

A reminder that Sorella Sophia continues to have a very active blog on :

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I understand that there are also some very lovely Deanic and Filianic Tumblr posts. If you would like your Tumblr link included here, please contact us. Thank you.



Our religion has certainly evolved since its inception in the 1970’s. Though the Deanic/Filianic expression of the Faith may be closing in on 50 years(!),  the core of the religion, the belief in the Divine Mother, harkens back through the ancient mists of matriarchal times, back to the belief in the Great Mother Goddess of our far ancestors. This religion once spanned tens of thousands of years. We find streams of this most revered Faith within Hinduism, principally, Shaktism.

Just as Madrianism and Filianism differed in many ways, modern Deanism does not always mean the same thing as Filianism. There is a saying in the neo-Pagan community: not all Pagans are Wiccan, but all Wiccans are Pagan. And within Wicca we discover a plethora of Traditions. The above saying may be applied to all the different denominations of Christianity, for instance: Not all Christians are Episcopalian, but all Episcopalians are Christian.

By the same token, not all Deanics are Filianics, but all Filianics are Deanic. Janites are Deanic, but we are not Filianic. There are differences between Janites and Filianists just as there are between Baptists and Catholics. Filianism, the Luciennes, the Aurorans, the Madrians, the Janites, the Pantheans, to name a few, are all small, but differing Traditions or denominations within the growing Deanic religion.

All Deanics share the same basic belief in the Supreme Godhood of Our Mother God in Her Triple Form, whether that Form is understood to be a Trinity or a Triplicity (the latter in its archaic form meaning the ‘state of being triple’).

Deanics and Filianics tend to worship Forms/Images of Our Lady according to each, their own culture. Quite often, these Living Stream Images/Forms are being released from clear Patriarchal mythical demotion and restored to their Primordial status.

Each devotee must worship Dea under the Living Stream image that speaks to their soul whether it be Mari, Anna, Kore, Sophia, Shekinah, Bridget, Isis, Tara, Quan Yin, Amaterasu, or the Hindu Goddesses. The Living Face of Dea which tugs at the heartstrings of a devotee is most often an image either of their ancestral or spiritual ‘blood’, so to speak.

Most religions have differing sects within its mainstream. Judiasm has three main branches, Orthodox, the Conservative and Reform. The four main denominations of Hinduism are  Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism and Smartism. There are also six sub-types of Hinduism. There are schools of Buddhism. Not only does Christianity have many, many widely differing denominations, but the very date of Easter is celebrated at different times between Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Christendom!

A majority of Deanic Traditions revere the same scriptures, have similar creeds, share certain prayers, follow the same Basic Wheel of the Year (though the names of the holy feasts,days, months and seasons may differ), and believe in the Seven Janati.

But, as with the denominations of other religions, we might also have some core differences. Some Traditions might tend strongly towards the liturgical, others not so much. Some might take the Mythos of the Divine Daughter from one source while others might be inspired by another source, both authentic. We are all gazing at the One Same Diamond, but through different colored Facets and this should never be a reason for discord.

All that matters is the worship of Dea, Our Divine Mother God and the knowledge that the Holy Daughter suffered a supreme sacrifice out of Her Most Pure Love for us. Whether this Mystery has been expressed through  the Mythos of Inanna, as in the Filianic Deanic Tradition, or through the Mythos of the Shekinah/Sophia as in the Janite Deanic Tradition, She is the One Divine Holy Daughter.

Each of us must dance to the tune and sing along with the melody which most enchants our hearts, captures our souls and entrances our minds.

Our religion teaches Order, Harmony and Amity. These are the core principles by which we must ever strive to live. This is the teaching of our scriptures after the Love of Dea and Her children.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia


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  1. Hi, this is great, but I’d like to mention that I was the one who coined ‘Filiadi’. I was formerly deasstarseed on Tumblr but I changed to seekingsoteria. Jacqueline coined ‘Maternoctis’, which is Mother’s Night, the day before Filiadi.

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