Full Moon Dates Through Astrea/Dec.

The Full Moon page has been updated and errors in calendar fixed.

Full Moon Dates through Astrea/Dec. of 2017

Please note: dates may vary between calendars and sources depending upon the exact time when the moon attains it fullness.

Dove Moon: 23 Columbina/April 12.

Great Moon: 24 Maia/May 11

Flower Moon: 25 Flora/June 9

Rose Moon: 27 Rosa/July 9

Corn Moon: No Corn Moon this year.

Evening Moon: 1 Vespera/Aug. 8

Apple Moon: 2 Abalon/Sept. 6

Cosmic Moon: 4 Ourania/Oct. 6

Spirit Moon: 4 Samhain/Nov. 3

Star Maiden Moon: 7 Astrea/4 Dec.


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