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16 Columbina/April 4


O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Amen.


Bits and Pieces posts are usually a mish-mash of the latest news, updates and sometimes a brief, relevant article and today’s will be no exception.


It’s important to clarify that the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood  (the JOP), is open to all Deanic women over the age of 18 no matter from which Tradition they may hale. One does not have to practice the Janite Tradition in order to belong to one of the three sub-Orders, i.e.: the Agoran, Hestian and Iremian. The Janites are simply the hostesses of the Order. Nor does one need to be ordained as clergy to be a member. Those who are non-clergy devotees may join our sisterhood. Further development of the Order will commence during the Sacred Season of Summer.


I would like to mention that Madrina Dini, who will be working closely with me in the further development of the JOP, has been a student of Shaktism and a practicing Deanic devotee for many years.

Madrina Dini will have rather a unique place within the Deanic Faith. Upon her upcoming ordination into the priestesshood during the Sacred Month of Flora, she will, simultaneously, function as both a Janite priestess and an independent Panthean priestess. Both the Janite and Panthean Traditions, which Madrina is developing, will be connected. As she, herself has stated re: the Panthean Tradition: (Though still in the development stage) Pantheacraft is something unique  in that it bridges East and West – Ancient and Modern – Hindu and European.

She was my first named successor and has graciously agreed to return to that position. She is listed on our contact page.  Please visit her lovely blog:


Each day, morning and evening, many Janites greet and thank the Seven Janati. Some of us do so by bowing in the Five Directions during Aurora and Evensong devotions. But, members may also practice the Seven Bows. Bowing is an essential devotional practice in many religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity (especially Orthodox Christianity), etc. It is also important in our Tradition. Rather than facing each direction and reciting the prayers of the Auroran and Evensong rites, a devotee may simply bow seven times while greeting the Janati. Please see our Seven Bows page under our Prayers and Rites drop-down menu.


The Fora is an equi-distant solar cross whose vertical and horizontal rays extend beyond the circle.

Tracing the Fora (Solar Cross) upon yourself:

Hold the thumb, forefinger and middle finger together on your right hand while curling under the ring and pinkie fingers.

Touch your forehead and then you heart chakra and say: In the Name of the Mother. This ray symbolizes the Celestial Mother as being Transcendent. Then, touch the right shoulder and then the left shoulder and say: and of the Daughter. This ray symbolizes the immanence of the Holy Daughter. Finally, draw a clock-wise circle over heart-chakra and say: and of the Great Mother. This symbolizes the Great Mother as the Still Centre of All Being.

Bowing: Fold hands in prayer, resting tips of fingers on forehead and bow from the waist.



ArchMatrona Georgia, of the Lady of Light Chantry, has given permission to share a picture of her lovely Eastre altar.


The next section of Bits and Pieces will address the question as expressed on the blog of Madria Erin,, what is the full thealogy of the day of Moura/Kala if the Daughter is not dead?


May Our Lady bless you.





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