Bits and Pieces


22 Columbina/April 11

O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.


Dear Sisters and Devotees,

We wish our Jewish members and friends a very holy Passover!


There’s lots to talk about, today! Including our next phase of development which will be more of a creation phase!

Tomorrow’s blogpost will center around the Eastre scriptures and the Tarot-related symbols of the Elements.


Upcoming Ordinations in the beautiful Month of Flora!

First, plans are underway to ordain Madrina Dini as a priestess on 6 Flora/May 21 and Sorella Sophia as a deaconess on 13 Flora/May 28. Let us ask Madria Candra, Mistress of priestesses, to watch over them and guide them as they spiritually prepare for ordination.


Our New Creative Phase!

Now that we have completed our foundational phase for the Janite Tradition, we will begin our creative phase. This phase will focus on hymnology, literature, artwork, sacred dance and ritual.

We are very excited about Madria Erin’s fictional literature project and Sorella Sophia’s Labyrinthine ritual, which will be published in the near future.

What follows are a couple of suggested Full Moon Rituals. In the future, we will be referencing some nice Full Moon poetry and prayers for possible inclusion in the Rite of Sacrifice.

Full Moon Rituals!

Rite of Purification:

Madrina Dini, Sorella Shoshana and I have been discussing a feminine Full Moon Purification Ritual. I think this is a lovely suggestion for both the Full Moons and for the day of Kala. However, we might design a different approach for Kala. For the Full Moons, Sorella Shoshana rightly suggests a rose-themed purification bath (or shower for those who cannot take baths). The Full Moon is symbolic of the Celestial Mother, Mari. As we gaze at the Full Moon, we think of Her. She is the Rose of Joy, the Rose being one of Her main Symbols and so, Shoshana Sorella, Prima Sorella or First Sister of the Iremian Order of the JOP, suggests the following:

1) Place a crystal hanging in an Eastern window so it catches the moon’s light.

2) Take a relaxing bath with pink sea salt, pink rose petals, and rose oil.

4) Use rose water on the body and hair.

5) Sit under the Full Moon.

For the Iremian Order, she further suggests:

There shouldn’t be any chanting, meditation, or the like as that goes against the natural flow of things. It should simply be something extra and special. 

For clergy and members of the Agoran and Hestian Orders and other devotees, the Rite of Sacrifice should also be served.

I think for Kala, salts and oils based upon frankincense and myrrh would be appropriate.  We could also base the type of oils and salts on the particular Moon. For instance, during the Moons of Spring, which are of the Daughter time of Year, lotus, lily of the valley or jasmine oils might be used.

A Rite of Purification will be posted (in the near future) under our Prayers and Rites Page. Although, I think that as we begin to gather more rituals, we will have a separate Ritual page.


Another ritual for the Full Moon that I do, is a symbolic Drawing down the Moon. The rays of the moon, in Janite Tradition, represent or are symbolic of the Graces of the Holy Daughter, Kora. On the night of the Full Moon, I place a crystal bowl of water beneath the Full Moon before I serve the Rite of Sacrifice. After the completion of the Rite, I take a wand or blessed evergreen branch (that has been found on the ground) and point it to the moon. As I gaze at the moon, I begin to see a ray of moonlight descend towards the wand/branch and at which time I point the wand towards the water in the crystal bowl (as if I am directing the moon’s ray into the water). I repeat this two more times and then I take three sips of the water. I pour the rest onto the ground.


ANNOUNCING the Maidens of Aurora

Madria Erin, of the Auroran Tradition ( is forming the Maidens of Aurora. The Maidens of Aurora will be a sub-order of the wider Deanic community aimed for young women aged 15-25.

Madria Erin feels that there is a need for a community for young Deanic women.  It will focus on things like personal spiritual development and relationship with Dea, charitable works, inner beauty and femininity, sisterhood & friendship, creativity, and perhaps deaconess/madrina training. The structure will be partially modeled after various youth groups including the Mormon Young Women’s program, the more traditional/religious side of the Girl Guiding program (Girl Scouts in the US), and a group called Big Love Sista which focuses on the emotional and spiritual development of girls. There will be a formal announcement in the near future and a blog specifically set up for the Order.

It does my heart good to witness a Deanic priestess taking such initiative and a gigantic step towards the future of the Faith. This is what the future of the JOP is all about… training and ordaining priestesses who will go courageously out into the world, carrying the Light of the Faith to all who will receive it. As ArchMatrona Georgia recently noted, it takes great courage, perseverance and fortitude to serve as clergy of a relatively unknown Faith, let alone one that might seem to be a bit controversial after almost 3,000 years of all-male Patriarchal religions.

It’s important to note that we do not seek to replace these religions, rather, we are simply a place to worship our Divine Mother God. While for most of our Devotees, the Deanic Faith is their sole religion, many of our devotees actually practice a dual or Blended Path.

For those Priestesses who have been validly ordained by the JOP, they may practice the Janite Tradition of the Deanic Faith, or they may form their own Tradition such as Madria Erin’s Auroran or Madria Dini’s Panthean. Others may choose to serve as private priestesses rather than public.


On the True Nature of Beauty, a Divine Grace of Our Lady

Madrina Dini wrote a relevant article on the true nature of Beauty on her blog: Scroll down to : An Astute Observation. Beauty is very much an important aspect of the Deanic Faith. This article explains how to see Beauty in all its forms. Beauty, in its true nature, is a Grace from Dea.


Feast of Coronation

This year, I’m going to try to prepare ahead of time for the Holy Feast of Coronation on 14 Maia/May 1. While those who are talented craftmistresses might be able to fashion their own crowns, I’m not quite so talented. This year, I might order them through the florist. A small one to place on my Icon (or statue) of Our Lady and a larger one for myself. Traditionally, the crown for Our Lady is made of roses. We are gathering appropriate psalms and will be taking suggestions for added rituals, poetry, etc. The Litany of the Holy Daughter might be included on this day. We should try to wear white, if possible.


Madrina Dini to hold the office of First Daughter or Prima Filia

A few years ago, I chose Madrina Dini to succeed me as the reigning Mother of the Janites. However, the time was not quite right as she was in the midst of further spiritual studies, especially in the vitally important area of Shaktism.

Meanwhile, ArchMadria Kathi had graciously offered to fill this role. However, with the return of Kathi to the Roman Catholic Church and upon the completion of her studies, Madrina Dini shall be succeeding me as originally planned.

In the modern era, an hierarchical system is often looked upon with disfavor and suspicion, mostly due to the abuses that have occurred in its name. But, often, hierarchies are a necessity and even those who don’t claim to have an hierarchy, often really do.

We find, in books on life between lives written by top psychologists and on reincarnational studies, that there is an heavenly hierarchy, the hierarchy of the nine choirs of angels is but one example.

A proper hierarchy, one that does not abuse its position, helps to foster Order and Harmony within the Faith, two Virtues of the Stream of Madria Thema.

Where ours is an exceedingly feminine hierarchy based upon the Triple Motherhood, the office of the head or reigning Mother of the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisters and of those Devotees who follow the Janite Deanic Tradition, will be known as Prima Madria or First Mother.

One of the duties of the First Mother or Prima Madria is to choose her successor within the first three years of her attaining office. This must be a careful choice, but also one that is based upon our Dea-given intuition.

This candidate must have been ordained as a priestess by the JOP and though she may have her own Tradition, such as Madrina Dini’s Pantheacraft Tradition, she must also be willing to foster and promote the Janite Tradition as well as running the Order of Priestesses and Sisters.

To clarify: the Janite Tradition is the religious expression of the Deanic Faith of Janites, which may be practiced by any Devotee. The Janite Order is open to all Deanic priestesses and those female devotees who would like to join the sisterhood.

The candidate who will succeed the Prima Madria will fill the office of First Daughter or Prima Filia. In order to exemplify the close bond between the Prima Madria and the Prima Filia, a spiritual adoption ceremony will take place. The Prima Filia or First Daughter will become, through ceremony, the spiritually adopted daughter of the Prima Madria or First Mother.

Madrina Dini’s spiritual adoption ceremony will occur directly after her ordination as priestess.

On Our Calendar

We are finishing up the last touches to our calendar before it is set in stone for our prayer book. We have restored the name Kala for 28 Moura/March 19 as Kala means dark (and also, time) and so, this time honored name of the holy day is most appropriate.

I have restored Anima Mundi as the name of the Fourth Mystery which we celebrate on Eastre. We were initially concerned about the fact that some people were confused by “World Soul”. They thought that this meant that the Earth is the literal body of the Holy Daughter, which is incorrect and so we felt we should change the name of the Mystery.  However, we must stay with Tradition. Janites model the Mythos of the Holy Daughter on the Shekinah/Sophia and in that Mythos, the Divine Shattering (of Kala) led to Her becoming the (Holy) World Soul. This has nothing to do with the Earth being Her literal body and so we will be sure to properly educate devotees on this matter in the future.

The Feast of Coronation has been restored to 14 Maia/May 1.

There may be a few other minor changes or additions as we prepare the calendar for publication.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.