Feast of Coronam

Coronam, the Feast of the Coronation of the Most Holy Daughter as Queen of Heaven.

Hail, Most Holy Daughter!

Hail, Thou Most Pure!

Hail, O, Mighty Princess Who is crowned Our Queen!

Hail, Our Royal Soteria, Hail!


31. When the archangel ceased to speak, a new voice filled the air, more beautiful and more formidable than hers. The voice said:

“Her name shall be called Kore,
for She shall be the Lady of heaven.”

9. When the time was at hand, two archangels descended, one on either side of Her, and She went with them into heaven. 10. The children of heaven greeted Her, crying: “Hail, princess of the world; hail, queen of heaven.” And they placed a crown of stars about Her head.  http://theapedia.referata.com/wiki/The_Holy_Mythos

 (The Mythos of the Divine Maid, New Celestial Union edition.)

Today is the feast of the Crowning of the Holy Daughter, Kora (Kore) as Queen of Heaven. This pre-Christian feast day has been kept alive in the Catholic Church with the May crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

From the goddess Maia, to the goddess Diana, from Asherah to Maid Marian,   to the Blessed Virgin Mary , the Queen of Heaven has had a long history.

The Deanic Faith continues that erstwhile tradition in the crowning of the Holy Daughter, Dea Filia, as Queen of Heaven.

 (Divine Sophia, enthroned.)

The title, Queen of Heaven, goes back to Pagan goddesses such as Inanna, whose name literally translates as ‘Lady of the Heavens‘. Other goddesses who were known as Queens of Heaven are Anat, Isis, Astarte, Hera/Juno, Frigga.

The Jewish Asherah, was titled the Queen of Heaven. (Jer. 44/17: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven ) by Her devotees. Asherah is often equated with the Shekinah.  The Shekinah is known as the Sabbath Queen and is now honored by many as the Queen of Heaven as is the Divine Sophia.

 (This image was posted in the NDE experience of a person known to me. This was the image he chose to illustrate his experience of Sophia. He saw Sophia as the Queen of Angels. The BVM, whom many Russians of the Sophian school regard as Sophia incarnate, is also known as the Queen of Angels.)

In our scriptures, we read that two angels came down and escorted the Holy Daughter during Her Ascension into Heaven. Even though this section of the Mythos is reminiscent of the Christian gospel story of the Ascension of Jesus, it does stem from authentic Shekinah/Sophian Tradition. In the  Mythos, Shekinah/Sophia ascends back into Heaven, where She is, most naturally, the Queen of Heaven.

When the Holy Daughter is here with us in the Earthly realm; when She is Immanent with us on Earth as the Holy Soul of the World, She is our Princess. After Her Ascension into Heaven, She is our Queen. Let us remember that these are eternal events.. always happening in the now-outside of time. 

Because these events take place in the Eternal ‘now’, when we crown Our Lady as Queen of Heaven, we are truly, mystically, attending Her very coronation and so we shower Her with roses and sing to Her in gentle song.

Madria Erin, of the Auroran Tradition,  offered the following melodious Celtic hymn:

I was very excited to find a version of the hymn, Bring Flowers of the Rarest, also known as Queen of the May, with lyrics much more suitable for the Deanic Faith:


While the regular Catholic version of this hymn was attributed to Mary Walsh in the 19th century, it appears that there was an older version of it that may have been written in the 13th century. Either way, I much prefer the lyrics as found above.

Sorella Sophia shared this charming article about celebrating May Day:


And don’t forget our rose recipes (see previous post)!

I hope you ladies remembered to wash your faces with the first dew of the morning! It’s supposed to keep your skin youthful and in beauty!

After the crowning, either the rosary may be prayed in Her honor, the RoS or liturgy may be served, one may sit in contemplation or even have a cup of tea with Our newly crowned Lady!

Holy Daughter, we praise Thy Name! Lady of All we bow before Thee!

Hail, Princess of the Earth!

Hail, Daughter of Wisdom!

Hail, Queen of Heaven! Hail!

May Our Divine Queen, Kore, bless you! Blessed is She!