Bits and Pieces of Interest to the JOP

15 Maia/May 2


 The Rose Personified.

O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


The above picture was taken from Flowers Personified as sent in by Sorella Shoshana: . Please take a moment to scroll through these charming pictures.


Our goal, as the JOP, is to train priestesses for the future of the Faith. When we first set out a few years back, the plan was to immediately form a legal church and start on the ground services. However, it became clear to me that I must set the foundations of our Tradition, first. This is the model the Gnostic Christians used, first they trained their priests who then went out to form parishes. But, not all priestesses wish to serve in public chapels or temples.This is why we have three Orders:

The Agoran priestesses will go out into the world. They will have on the ground, public chapels or temples.

The Hestian priestesses may choose whether or not to hold public liturgy, but they will still be involved in the world in some way, whether it is public teaching through blogs, publications, in person, or by holding public services, volunteering or other ministry.

The Iremian priestesses tend to be private priestesses and they will have certain areas of expertise, also.

Each Order also includes a sisterhood, which is open to all Deanic/Filianic women and each Order will have its own blog. Ideally, each Order will be headed by a Prima Sorella who is not either the Prima Madria or the Prima Filia unless there is no-one else to fill the position. 

Currently, with the Hestian Order, Madrina Dini has graciously offered to be the Prima Sorella of the Hestian Order until such time as a sister-member is interested in the position. Thank you, Madrina! She will be setting up an Hestian blog in the near future.

The new Iremian blog should be set up within a couple of weeks. Sorella Shoshana, Prima Sorella of the Iremian Order, has the following to offer regarding the overall nature of the Order:

The Iremian Order, as I have interpreted it, is about flawlessly blending in Deanic Spirituality with our regular lives. This is done through spiritual symbolism like flowers, colors, and shapes. Understanding the meanings of these and surrounding ourselves with them brings a spiritual air into our lives all the time.

It’s about appreciating the little things and remembering to thank Dea for them. The air we breathe during exercise or the water we use when doing dishes. The soil that grew our food or the very miracle of the food itself. The tree that provides us shade or the sun that sustains our life. Once we regularly begin to give thanks, we can start thinking about the deeper meanings and spiritual symbolism a of these every day things.It’s about the spiritual significance of beauty and bringing beauty into our every day lives. It’s about making things more feminine and pleasing.

It’s about living out the qualities of the Janati. 

Thank you, Sorella Shoshana. Lovely as always.


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