Bits and Pieces

28 Maia/15 May

It’s hard to believe that Maia has flown by so swiftly! And so much has been happening!


New Deanic Ladies online Community!

Madrina Dini has opened a wonderful google plus community, Deanic Ladies . This is not a discussion group such as we’ve had in the past, rather this is an actual online, private community for Deanic women. You do not have to have gmail in order to join nor do you have to be a member of the JOP.

However, where this is a private community, membership is by invitation only. If you are a Deanic or Filianic female and would like to request an invitation to join the community, please contact Madrina at: A permanent link may be found in our links section to the right.


Lady of Light Chantry:

Serene Mother Georgia has posted an article in response to my previous article on the Tarot. Her article points out the relation of the Tarot Suits to the Four Estates and Fifth (no estate) of the Realms (Social Orders) (see Tarot Suits and Compass Directions ). I find this a fascinating area of study and would like to learn more, myself. 

In the previous post on the LLC blog, Changes and Restorations, I was very excited to read about the Godmothers in the various Germanic fairy tales.


The Ancient Power of Mantra Chanting Validated by Modern Science:

This article not only validates the praying of mantras and rosaries (rosaries are a form of mantra prayer), but it proves that our words (as well as thoughts) are real for they are made of light and take subtle form.

What I especially found fascinating was the section on sound bubbles and the infrared light we produce when we speak. This immediately reminded me of the scriptures: 1. Thoughts of the mind neither pass away, nor vanish into air. 2. For every thought is a builder in the subtle world that lies about you. 3. Thoughts of beauty and of things of the Spirit refine and purify the soul, making her fair to look upon and graceful in her movements, 4. uniting her with the universal music of eternity and gathering about her the servants of the archangels. 5. But harsh thoughts harden the soul; coarse thoughts coarsen the soul; thoughts bound only to material things load the soul with heavy chains.

20) Forget not the power of words, for a word has all the power of a thought, and a thought has power to move the earth and the heavens. 21. Therefore do not speak evil in idleness, or fall into the custom of ill-speaking, but govern your words even as your actions. 22. Speak words of love and innocence, of mildness and of hope, and you shall weave a raiment of peace about your soul, and a veil of gentle light. 23. Speak prayers often, speak them in the rhythm of your steps, and attune them to the beating of your heart. From The Teachings of the Daughter, New Celestial Union Edition.,_New_Celestial_Union_Version.

(I love the hardcover edition which may be found on this page, see lower left):

It’s amazing how science is finally beginning to find out about our true nature, from the fact that there is an microscopic explosion of light at the moment of conception to how our words are light and radiate through-out the universe. How much more care, we, as Children of Dea, should take with the words and songs we send out into Her Cosmos. We are beings of Light and we will return to the Light.


Sorella Sophia’s Rosary Posts

Though Sorella Sophia has been having internet-related problems, I’m happy to see that she has been posting on Deanic rosaries. The LLC rosary is, of course, composed by Serene Mother Georgia and is a rosary offered by the Lady of Light Chantry. Sorella Sophia also has composed some seasonal rosaries of her own:

She has nicely placed all the rosaries on this page:


Flora: Tomorrow begins the lovely month of Flora. 

In the month of Flora, we look forward to Floralia or the Feast of Flowers on 10 Flora/May 25. The Full Flower Moon will take place on 25 Flora/June 9.


Last Call for Prayerbook submissions:

If you have composed Deanic/Filianic prayers that you would like to see included in the JOP prayer book, please submit them to Thank you!


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia.