15 Myths about Losing a Beloved Pet

3 Flora/May 18

Abaldi/Thurs. (Apple day. Day of Madria Thema.)

O, Madria Thema, Jana of Justice, Order and Harmony, be with us and with this world. Blessed are you.


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A few months ago, I lost my beloved dog, Seamus. He would have been 16 this coming July. That faithful friend was by my side every single day for over 15 years. But, I’ve learned that I have to keep my sorrow and sense of deep loss to myself.

I know of others who have recently lost their furry family members and they, too, are experiencing a deep sadness; but they do not feel they can share it with others. People will say, it’s just a dog or just a cat or just a bird, it’s not like a human being has died. Or, get a new pet, you’ll get over the loss of the last one. 

This idea of not realizing the grief one can undergo upon the loss of a pet is a throw-back to, at least in the West, the idea that animals do not have souls and that they are just ‘dumb animals’.

The good news is that within the last few decades, a greater awareness of animals, as true sentient beings, is beginning to grow not only within the consciousness of humanity in general, but also within the recent findings of science, in particular. And, I think the definition of ‘sentient being’ needs to be changed. Just because an animal doesn’t recognize itself in the mirror doesn’t mean it is not self-aware. (Scroll down to Criticisms of the Test: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_test).

Squid, dolphins, crows, chickens and pigs are just a few of the animals/birds/ocean beings that science recognizes as having a much higher level of intelligence than was once perceived.

We have become more aware that animals have pretty much the same emotions as we do, but they express it through their own nature, whether that be dog nature, cat nature, etc.

This is why we are able to bond with our pets so closely. They love us just as much as, if not more so, than we love them. And when they pass on, our grief is real.

The following is an article which I highly recommend for those who have either recently lost a pet, or knows someone who has: