An Humble Admission

12 Flora/May 27

Columbadi/Friday. (Dove day. Day of Madria Grace)

O, Madria Grace, Jana of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


Anyone who knows me remembers that I have fought long and hard, in the past, for males to be completely included in the Faith.

I had, at one time, also considered writing my own edition of male-inclusive scriptures due to my own misunderstanding of why they had been written for an all-female society. I did not understand that when the scriptures are also applied to males, they are being taken completely out of context. Such was my ignorance.

I eventually decided against writing my own inclusive edition of the scriptures out of respect for the fact that it is the work of our fore-mothers in the Deanic Faith, who have correctly conceived these scriptures and understood their feminine context.  I had no right to alter the scriptures to that degree. I am now grateful that I refrained from doing so as the true nature of the scriptures has been revealed to me by my own mentor in the Faith, ArchMatrona Ghrian Rosenhearth Bonne-Fire, LLC.

The scriptures originated within several all-female groups and were never meant to be published outside a matriarchal society. As Serene Mother Ghrian explained to me, These ladies were very careful about their distribution. They chose to pass along these Scriptures, solely among themselves, via hand written copies, because they valued them too highly to be shared with the general public, or men in general, who might misunderstand their meaning and start arguing about what they said. 

(For case in point, please read the following in its entirety:

Madrian priestess, Madria Olga, (and possibly other priestesses, as well), felt that men, as well as women, were worthy of being taught about Mother God and so it was because of her that certain men were given access to the hand-written copies of the scriptures.

Unfortunately, these men proceeded to transcribe and pass on, typed or made electronic copies of, the Deanic Scriptures without any reservations, and without any understanding of how inappropriate that was.  (1)

Madria Olga Lotar, of beloved memory (2), became very upset when she discovered that the scriptures had been posted online. And it was due to yet another who openly published the scriptures, which led to their misuse by a dominatrix who uses it on her website to promote her perversions.

Even the author of the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, who published the scriptures out of a desire to prevent them from being lost, appears to have misunderstood their proper context and usage. (1)  All three editions were published by well-meaning males who did not understand their true nature nor their proper context.

Serene Mother Ghrian (3) continues : At the same time as these men were publishing the Deanic Scriptures on the Internet or in book form, outside of an all feminine religious context, the ladies at A Chapel of Our Mother God, (, were publishing them within their proper, all feminine religious context.  The print version of the New Celestial Union edition was also published within an all feminine religious context. 

The arguments that have arisen regarding the content and meaning of the scriptures have all resulted from removing them from their appropriate context, the context for which they were originally intended: an all feminine, matriarchal social structure and an all feminine religious path. (1)

And rather, as I had once assumed, the Scriptures appearing to disparage, or worse, ignore, the male race as having no value, the scriptures were written for another purpose.  They were written to explain to femini their essential value, in and of themselves, a value that is not dependent upon their relationships with masculi [as all the patriarchal world religions and their sacred scriptures would have femini to think].  The Deanic Scriptures say nothing about men, males, masculi, because they are not about them. (1)

And so, the scriptures were written specifically for an all female matriarchal religious society. They were written for the spiritual restoration of the empowerment of women and for a religious society within which females could grow, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

The ancients understood the need for female-only temples, female-only Mysteries such as the Elevsinian and a female-only priestesshood (the melissas, the Vestal Virgins, etc.).  (Please see

In contrast, Mithraism was a male-only religion.

Our religion teaches that females and males are equal and they each serve a role. As one of our sisters was taught, the female is the spiritual head of the hestia (household), while the male rules the agora.

A way to perceive this, from our metaphysical-traditional point of view, is that the feminine principle is of the Centre, while the male principle is of the Outer (Edge), which is why in Traditional -originally female- Religion, women are in the secluded- centre Of Power, (this centre is symbolic of the Still Centre of the Veiled Origin of origins), while men should naturally occupy the outer, protective sheath. Acting aggressively against the Holy Centre, equates to acting against their very own nature (dharma in Hinduism). (thanks to the P.F.)

It is no big secret that female and male brains are ‘wired’ differently. We also oftentimes have different approaches to religion. Spiritually, females focus on the heart, not the head. We focus on the love, not the discord and our relationship with Dea is based largely upon female intuition, something which cannot be adequately explained to another. We see, time after time, well-intending male devotees completely missing the point, so to speak and we are helpless to explain these mysteries to them because this comes from inside of us. It’s not something that can be written down.

Serene Mother further explained to me:

The all feminine groups which used/use the Deanic Scriptures did/do so with ease because the Deanic Scriptures were/are an all feminine oriented set of religious writings.  Other women, like ourselves (Janites and Luciennes, and other Deanic ladies), can/do use the Deanic Scriptures properly, within our all feminine religious orders.  We do no harm to the men in our lives, or our relationships with them, by keeping the Deanic Scriptures to ourselves.  
Many men (though not by means all), whether traditionally oriented, or modern thinking, are very prone to misunderstand feminine only religious orders, or feminine only social groups.  It seems as if they think women do not have the right (or even the need), to form sororities or sisterhoods, in which men play no part, especially ones over which men have no control.  Whereas, these same men feel perfectly free to form exclusive fraternities and brotherhoods, in which women play no part, and over which women have no control. 
Many women’s groups have only been “tolerated” by men because they were seen as the lesser important, and the weaker, auxiliaries of men’s groups [Examples, A. the sororities at certain ivy league universities were initially seen as auxiliaries of the fraternities at those universities, not as social clubs for women in their own right, B. Eastern Star, a religious sorority, is an auxiliary of the Masons, and, as such, its membership is open only to women, who are wives or sisters or mothers, or some female relation to a male, only, Mason, and C. The nuns, and even the mother superior, of many convents, have most often been required to be under the authority of an exclusively male priesthood or brotherhood.  Many (though not all) laymen, as well as male clergy and male monastics, have often been very critical of, and resentful towards, many women who have formed exclusively feminine communities, religious or otherwise, which were independent of male, or masculine, influence or oversight or control.  
So, it should not come as a surprise to feminine Devotees of Dea, that males who learn about the Deanic Scriptures misinterpret the nature of these Scriptures, and disparage the all feminine nature of the sororities and sisterhoods which promote them. The good news is that our fore-mothers have survived the onslaught of male disapproval and we, their daughters will too.
After almost 3,000 years of Patriarchal domination, we females need a spiritual place of our own where we can nurture and support each other in a way that only females can. We need a spiritual place of our own where we may grow and evolve spiritually without a male always explaining to us why we are wrong about our own religion, arguing with us or trying to dominate it or take it over…..which has been the experience of feminine devotees going back to the early days of the Deanic Faith.

I was wrong and all of my sisters were right. There was much that I had misunderstood through my own fault and I argued and argued out of ignorance.

Though all may practice this Faith, it should be kept in mind that this religion, our scriptures and our culture, were created for an all-female spiritual Ekklesia/society. It is truly a Feminine/feminine religion and evidence for that may be found through-out its feast days and holy days; its customs and prayers; its culture and fashion and….. it’s origins and for that, we offer no apology.

And to all of my sisters, my mentor and my fore-mothers, I most humbly apologize for my past ignorance and all actions and words which resulted from that ignorance. And I ask forgiveness. 


ArchMadria Candra Sophia

  1. All italics are quotes by : Serene Mother Ghrian Rosenhearth Bonnie-Fire, LLC.
  2. Madria Olga Lotar was a Madrian priestess for 30 years. She passed beyond the veil on   8 Flora (Hera)/May 23, 2008.  We will be keeping this date in her memory on our calendar. May her memory be eternal.
  3. For proper pronunciation of Ghrian, which means ‘sun’, please listen here:

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