The Tortall Universe….books

14 Flora/May 29

Dear Sisters in the Faith,

Sorella Minna has recommended a series of books by authoress, Tamora Pierce.  According to Sorella, the author began writing these books after caring for girls in a group home who had suffered from abuse or violence.

As Sorella states, these are wonderful books, written with all female main characters, full of female empowerment.

These universes include Goddess Temples where they have an all-female priesthood and female guards that keep men off the sacred temple grounds in order to ensure the safety of the women. They also have special courts for women being unfairly targeted by the law, and special services and festivals for women.

Sorella Minna recommends:

“The Immortals” (four books)- A young girl with an uncanny, almost magical knack with animals is hired to help with the royal horses.
“Protector of the Small” (four books)- Keladry of Fief Mindelan, a newly nobled house of diplomats, decides to be the first girl to try for her knighthood, after Alanna the Lionness, lady knight, opened the way legally almost ten years before.
“Beka Cooper” (three books)- Taking place almost 200 years before any other story in Tortall, Beka is a young street child adopted by The Lord Provost, noble leader of the proto-police force called the Provost’s Guard, or ‘ The Dogs’…and Beka is determined to be a Dog too, to help the poor of her childhood who have no one else to help them.

These books are suitable for any age and certainly fit in well with our religion.

Thank you, Sorella, for recommending these series.