Full Flower Moon and Activities

24 Flora/June 8

Tonight and into tomorrow is the Full Flower Moon.

Charging and Blessing Sacred Items:

Oftentimes during the Full Moon, especially during warmer Seasons, I will charge my holy items beneath the light of the Full Moon, symbolic of the Celestial Mother.

Here at our new hestia on our lake, I will place the items on my dock in full light of the Moon. So, tonight, I will place my two auroram (rosaries), my wand, runes, gemstones,  blessed besom, my staff (which serves to guard my hestia (consecrated home) and also as a walking staff as I sometimes have trouble walking due to complications from a chemo drug) and any other similar items. If charging tarot cards, I am careful to not let them be exposed to the dew or possible rain. I will say a brief prayer in my own words.

Where we are about to change from the Sacred Season of Spring to the Sacred Season of Summer, I will place my rose pendant beneath the moonlight, as well. And, where I have recently moved into a new hestia, I will be performing the full hestia blessing and consecration, tomorrow. Both the secular date of the 9th and the religious date of the 25 which, numerologically speaking, adds up to 7, are both sacred numbers in our Faith and so that is an auspicious date upon which to bless my hestia.

The Moon Bowl

As I have mentioned before, before I serve the Rite of Sacrifice, I will place my ‘moonbowl’ (a blue glass shallow bowl) outside beneath the rising moon.  After the Rite, I will take my wand and point it towards the moon. When I see the ray of light reach my wand, I will channel it towards the water. I then take three sips in honor of Our Lady. I pour the rest onto the ground.

Purification Bath or Shower

It is also the time for a Full Moon purification ritual. Sorella Shoshana had sent us a beautiful one to use for the Rose Moon.

Here is a suggestion for the Flower Moon:

 Take a relaxing bath with white sea salt, white flower petals, if desired, and jasmine, gardenia, magnolia or other white flower pure essential oil. (Just a few drops is all you need.) Alternatively, you can mix the oil with sea salt to make a salt scrub for use in the shower.
 Use flower water on the body and hair or adorn your hair with a flower or make a crown of flowers to wear during the ritual.
Sacred Dance

I think the RoS is a great time for a private, sacred dance beneath the moon. I have called our little cove, Moonlight Cove because as the moon rises over the lake, a straight path of reflected moonlight comes closer and closer across the water until it reaches my shoreline. I also love the old song, On Moonlight Bay as sung by Doris Day (from the movie of the same title.)

Poems and Prayers

There are so many beautiful poems and prayers in honor of the Full Moon I couldn’t choose between them to offer them here. Just do a search of poems and prayers of the Full Moon and you will find a plethora of wonderful readings to include in the RoS. Of course, you can certainly write your own!

And don’t forget a time of pure simplicity…just sitting beneath the beautiful moon in contemplation or meditation, by a fire or on a balcony or in a local (safe) park!

For Children

There’s an old ‘Fairy Tale’ poem. Here it is with Dea rather than god. I chant it to my grandchildren. It’s a wonderful chant for children to sing:

I see the moon and the moon sees me.

Dea bless the moon and Dea bless me.

For family craft ideas, do a search for moon crafts for children and look through all the images. Some great ideas!

Moon Garden

And the Flower Moon is a great time to plant a moon garden!!!!!

May Our Lady, Our Supernal Moon, bless you!


ArchMadria Candra Sophia