The Light Shines in the Darkness by Madria Rosalie

Before this latest attack, I, also, had been planning to write a post on the problem of evil. This will be upcoming.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to share Madria Rosalie’s timely post:

The Light shines in the Darkness

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 05:50 AM PDT

Rosadi (Rose Day)
Day of Jana Vicka
22 Flora 2017 ACG

In the light of all the recent happenings – in the light of what has been going on in the world for way too long:
With all the sadness and fear – of which there is so much in the world, and which claws at me all the time (and I believe does at many of you who are reading this too) – I feel it is of paramount importance that we keep at our work as torchbearers for the Light, Love, and Life of Dea!

(Irrespective of what our particular Soul Path may be and how we name the Divine or practice our devotion.)

As to the particular way of feminine spirituality as expressed [though not exclusively] in Deanic tradition:
It has been said before, but cannot be repeated often enough: to uphold and talk about things of Beauty, Truth, Love and Light – no matter how “superficial” it is deemed by the mainstream society – is neither superfluous, nor is it “selfish”. It truly is absolutely essential that we maintain areas – even little spots – of light in the surrounding darkness.

And in all this, when what happens on our planet, and in our human society on earth, becomes so all-overpowering; let us not forget, that this all is not the Ultimate Reality – it is an imperfect reflection within the realm of flux and change – at the coarsest most consolidated level …

I have often wondered what I am doing here, feeling so very estranged from most of my surrounding; or what a pure soul like my child is doing here … what lovely, innocent, pure souls, who have somehow managed to remain uncorrupted, are doing here … and I can only think that the answer truly is to be torchbearers of the Mother’s Light into a world that is spiralling further and further into Darkness.