The Spiritual Implications of Eclipses/Part II

4 Rosa/June 16

Columbadi/Fri. (Dove day. Day of Madria Grace. Sacred Symbol of the Dove.)

O, Madria Grace, Jana of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


Lately, I’ve been considering writing a post about the nature of evil in this world. It is often hard to understand how something that Dea created for our use could both harbor and foster so much true evil. And where the media tends to focus on the negative, it often appears that evil far out-weighs good.

This may lead to feelings of overwhelming disillusionment and depression. It often becomes difficult to look forward to the future as being one of hope and bright promise. The darkness appears to swallow up the light. But, as the shadow does not truly devour the sun during an eclipse, evil is not truly conquering good. That is an illusion.

There have been many dark times or epochs in this world. But, it seems that in our era, evil is mushrooming across the globe in a way that has not been witnessed in living memory.

The Christian bible states: For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was anything kept secret, but that it should be revealed. (Mark 4:22, KJV.) We see this happening in our day. And the more this evil is being exposed, the more it is becoming increasingly unstable, insane and violent. Evil is currently in a blind rage because it knows that its time, and its Age, is nearing an end. This unmasking of evil is part of our awakening.

To the observant eye, evil tends to work in certain ways. Evil is a lie which pretends to be truth. Evil is quick to point to good and declare it to be evil. It points to evil and calls it good.

Evil hides behind a facade of benevolence. Evil resorts to name-calling and false accusations in order to deflect others from seeing it’s own sins and depravity.

Evil stifles the voices of its opponents in the name of ‘righteousness’. Evil is relentless in manufacturing one crisis after another, usually to its own benefit and to the detriment of others. Evil is enslaving while pretending to be liberating. In everything and in every way, evil inverts and twists and society suffers for it.

Evil works by inverting the good through cunning and misuse of intellectAlways, always, always, this is how it works. 

Lately, we have been witnessing this twisted inversion to an astonishing degree on the mundane level.

On a religious level, we witness satanists who invert the crucifix, the pentacle and the Catholic mass. We see perverted people posting our scriptures on their depraved websites. And down through the ages, we have seen members of one religion torture and kill the members of other religions, always in the name of their god.

This latest, modern inversion, which is happening on a massive, socially engineered scale, manifested during what Deanics and Filianics refer to as the Eclipse, which began in the late 1950’s/early 60’s (as explained in the previous post.) And, in our day, we can’t help but wonder just how much lower society can possibly sink into the bottomless mud-pit.

We are all aware of the darkness that is engulfing this world; a darkness that is becoming more and more violent with each passing week. The solar eclipse is symbolic of this engulfing darkness.

As Bishop Katia explained (in my first post) and as it is pointed out in this article,, solar eclipses represent a time out of time. It is neither day nor night. The Supernal Light of Our Lady has, symbolically, become obscure. It has become engulfed in darkness to our eyes.

I have often contemplated the nature of evil, along with the pervading ‘system’ in this world, the predator vs prey system of life. No matter what dietary choices one makes in life, life in this world exists by the living consuming the living.

For humans: pescetarianism may be more humane than eating animals. Vegetarianism may be more humane than eating fish. Veganism may be more humane than eating dairy products…. but each and every diet on Earth, including veganism, consumes the living. Plants are living and are more aware than ever previously understood or recognized, as scientists are beginning to discover. The living must eat the living in order to survive on this Earth.

So, right off the bat, the most fundamental system of this world is based upon the predator vs prey paradigm. I truly believe this system is the root of all evil and is not of our Creatrix.

I once read that in the beginning, the ‘Primordial’ Golden and Silver Ages, humans were not quite as dense, in body, as we are, now. (Our religion teaches this, but I have also read this, elsewhere.)  And so, the nutritional needs of these rarefied, less dense bodies, were different. Consuming the dense bodies of the living was not necessary. And, indeed, this would have been true of all creatures on the Earth.

It only makes sense that as we pulled further and further away from Our Mother, the higher vibration of the Pleroma and the higher realms, our world and our bodies would become more and more dense. This density (please pardon my over-use of the word), requires a more dense fuel or nutrition hence, the predator vs prey system.

I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences which will illustrate the density of our bodies and how these bodies are not our True Selves.

Yesterday, I was having a particularly difficult day due to chronic pain. I opened the scriptures and it opened to The Clew of the Horse verse 47,  Thou art not thy body, nor is thy body any portion of thee. 48) It is an estate which thou holdest for a time, and after a time shall pass from thee. 

As so often happens, I was guided to the exact passage that would be the most beneficial to me. Through these verses, Dea reminded me that we are not our bodies that are so often wracked with pain and illness.

Then, I opened to this passage from the Temple of the Heart:

12) For the Spirit is One and I am the Spirit. 13) And thou art the Spirit, also, in the innermost temple of thy heart. 14) And She Who is the Spirit, My Mother, holdeth out Her hands to thee in happiness beyond all knowing and joy beyond expression of all words.

These passages further emphasized that I am not my body and that my inner joy is not dependent on this body. My body is something I use so I can exist in manifest creation, but my True Self is my spiritual self that does not need this heavy body in our True Home.

I have often read, from people who have had either out of body experiences or near death experiences, how sometimes it can be difficult to return to the body. They all seem to agree that the body is very dense and heavy compared to our True Self.

I actually had an out of body experience, for the first time ever, a few days ago. And, it should have shocked me or frightened me, but it didn’t. Quite the opposite, it seemed most natural. It happened because I woke up very suddenly.

Many believe that our spirits leave our bodies while we are in a deep sleep when our brains are at delta level. A few days ago, I woke up in such a way that I experienced my spirit returning to my body. I cannot emphasize enough that nothing like this has ever, ever happened to me, before. I was in the state between sleep and wake-fullness called hypnagogia. I can still remember this experience very clearly and my thought at the time was: wow, they were right, our bodies really are very heavy.

I always think of our bodies as being like organic android bodies that we animate with our souls while we are here. And they are very heavy compared to our rarefied soul forms and our energy spirits. These heavy bodies which are run by electricity can break down, but the spirit does not.

My father was a strong and active sea captain before his stroke which left him half-paralyzed and in a wheel chair for fifteen years. When he lay dying with his family surrounding him, he seemed to be struggling to let go. And so I put one hand on his forehead and the other on his arm. I let go…in my mind… I took a step back in my mind so to speak and I prayed that he could pass, safely.

At that very moment, I felt a flood, a rush of his energy go through my hand and up my arm.  This energy ‘leaned on my shoulder’ just as my dad would have. I sensed that his energy then hovered in the air…and he was so joyful. I could sense it so strongly….he was ecstatic. He was free of that old, broken, heavy body. He was young again, because the spirit never ages. He was free and rejuvenated. Then, he was gone. I stood up, but everyone else in my family still had their heads bowed and so I thought I must have been mistaken. But, at that moment, the nurse, who had been monitoring my father’s brain waves in the next room, came in and confirmed that my father was gone.

I never mourned my father, because I knew what had happened to him and I knew where he went.

These stories serve to illustrate not only how heavy and dense our bodies are, but also the fact that they are a reflection of how heavy, dark and dense our realm has become in this Iron Age, this Kali Yuga.  This dark, heaviness is exemplified by the solar eclipse. And through all of this, I have gained a tiny inkling of what the Holy Daughter must have suffered during Her Descent.

It is due to the fact that we live in such a dense dimension and inhabit such heavy, low-vibrational bodies, that I feel we misunderstand the ‘Cosmic War’ between good and evil. We tend to think of it in religious terms. Christianity teaches that this is a war between heaven and hell; between Satan and St. Michael; between angels and demons. And, yes, this is one way to describe it, but it is not the only way.

We may also think of this war as being interdimensional or inter-realm between beings of Light and beings of darkness. Between true humans and those who are not from here. And between those of the Light and those of the darkness. Whether this war is carried on beyond our cosmic borders, we have no way of knowing.

Yet another way to view this war between good and evil is to understand that someone or some force came here, long before living history, and interfered with the natural order of this planet. This someone or these beings or this force may have been supernatural, interdimensional, purely spiritual or inter-cosmic. These beings have been called by many names, most notably demons, Archons and fallen angels.

We well may be in the darkest hour before the dawn in this on-going war; in that exact moment immediately before the sun’s rays are no longer fully eclipsed. We have entered an ‘in-between’ time. This is where we are in the Iron Age, that ‘in-between’ time. The time between the descending and ascending yuga or age.

There are conflicting opinions as to how long each age lasts and our place upon the timeline of the Iron Age. I find this chart to be helpful:


(Hesiod included an Heroic Age. (The accompanying article is highly recommended, even if you just skim read parts of it.)

If we are, indeed, at the end of the ascending Iron Age,  is it any wonder that evil is roaring like a mighty bull, threatening to take over our beautiful planet? It’s time is short. The Eclipse is almost over. The Sun will soon reappear in all it’s radiant glory.


Next week: What is our role during this final Eclipse of the ascending Iron Age? And what do our scriptures have to say about our times?


May Our Lady bless you and keep you and your loved ones beneath Her Mighty Mantle.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia