Of Rainbows and Fairies

8 Rosa/June 20

Feast of the Fairie Queen

O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, may the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


12) And the Mistress of All Things was filled with delight and ran laughing through the forests of the Earth. 13) And every peal of Her voice became the image of a silver fragment of Her Spirit. 14) And the trees and rivers were filled with nymphs and every kind of sprite and all were Her daughters. And Her love for each was inexhaustible, for each was a reflection of some boundless fragment of Her unbounded Spirit. 16) And to each was given the governance of some earthly thing. The Mythos of Creation, verses 12-16

Tonight is the Feast of the Fairie Queen Aine, who was once a Celtic Mother Goddess. It is also the feast of the fairies and Nature spirits.

We see from the above scripture that these beings are also the daughters of Dea and She loves them. They have been given the governance of a portion of Nature, be it flowers, trees, brooks and all of Nature.

Since moving to my camp on the lake, we have seen three double-rainbows hovering over the lake. Each time the lower arc was exceptionally brilliant, each color so vibrant, all other colors looked like a washed-out pastel in comparison. They always remind me of the things we are not able to see every day….like fairies.

There is no Rite of Sacrifice or liturgy served this evening. This is a Twilight of magick, mystery and wonder.

I offer for you, just for fun, an excerpt from my book. This is copy-righted material and may not be used or copied in any way or form. Thank you. 

    Regina took in her breath and watched, open-mouthed, as long fire trails of every color imaginable flashed and streaked high above them. The streams of light splayed out in all directions before dying out, only to be replaced by new sets of ever-widening trails of fire-color. Sparks shot off in all directions, resembling shooting stars racing across a clear, midnight sky. Booms and whizzing noises followed each new burst of color.

     The finale began with the entire night sky being lit up by hundreds of fire trails looping and crisscrossing all at once. The very air itself was ablaze with shining shades of gold, copper, bronze, red and indigo resembling curtains of Northern Lights. Regina was so delighted; she joined her new friends in wolf-whistling between her fingers.

    Finally, all fireworks ended. The last trail diminished overhead.  A treble rainbow appeared; one rainbow atop the other graced the sky as if performing this nature-defying feat entirely of its own accord. The bowed arcs dimmed and imploded in an explosion of spark-emitting diamonds which showered back to the ground and melted into puddles of liquid colors.

     Thunderous applause, hoots and whistles from the audience expressed their enjoyment of the stunning finale.

   Kalin and Miss Moss appeared together on the stage. The Elder and the Guardian waited patiently while the last of the audience sat back down. When all was quiet, Miss Moss formerly nodded her head towards the back of the circle, behind the audience and beyond the Stones.

     As one, the audience turned their heads, wondering what was to come next. Everyone had assumed the fireworks completed the Celebration.

    A collective gasp escaped the crowd when a line of hovering green orbs entered the circle. Regina looked around at the faces of the audience, trying to figure out what was going on. The audience immediately stood-up and from the looks of sheer astonishment on the villager’s faces, Regina surmised that whatever was happening was not a normal event.

     Each opaque bubble was a bit larger than a softball. They bobbed slightly up and down in mid-air, as they flowed gracefully, up to the podium like little escaping balloons. The people in each aisle bowed their heads and kept them bowed from the time the first bubble approached their row until the last, much larger orb had passed them by.  Their actions gave Regina the feeling that perhaps she was in the presence of some type of royalty.

     Slowly and respectfully, the green orbs circled around Kalin and Miss Moss before heading away from the table and back down towards the rear of the circle from which they had entered.

     The very last larger bubble broke away from the floating formation and lilted straight towards Regina. She could sense those around her stiffen as the Being approached.

     The orb came to a hovering rest right in front of her face. The sweet fragrance of lilacs emanated from the orb. A faint tinkling sound reached her ears that reminded her of shattering crystal. Try as she might, Regina could not see through the bubble to glimpse what could possibly be inside.

    Seemingly satisfied with what the Being within the orb saw in Regina, the bubble hovered over her head for a moment and then touched her forehead. The touch felt surprisingly cool.  The largest orb then languidly bobbled to the rear of the retreating line of green bubbles and finally vanished beyond the rear Circle Stones.

     It was with humiliating embarrassment that Regina realized she was the only one still standing.  Everyone around her, including Gabriel, Saari and the others were bowed low on bended knee. She felt her face flush a deep red. She must have committed some horrible village blunder and there was no way she could possibly make up for it. She tried to kneel down before anyone else noticed, but it was too late. Gabriel, Saari and the rest, together with the other villagers around her, stood up and regarded her with silent awe. (Copyright, Pamela M. Lanides). 

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May the Queen of the Fairies, Aine, bless us and bless all of Nature.