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20 Rosa/July 2


O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


I must confess that I’m not as aware as Madria Rosalie and a couple other members of the JOP are as to what is going on in the tumbler/blogospheres. However, I guess I have been given the basic gist of the situation.

As far as I know, both the terms Deanic and Filianic were originally coined by the Aristasians who are now the Shining Daughters of the Chapel of Our Mother God. My understanding is that the earlier Madrians were not familiar with these terms and only referred to themselves as being Madrian.

Here is their definition of Deanism: (Scroll down to Filianism and Deanism). 

And so, it is my understanding that Deanic means of the Mother. It is a monotheastic religion where God is Female and is Supreme and there are none beside Her. Someone who is Deanic does not believe that God is both male and female. Nor does someone who is Deanic practice a blended path of Deanism together with a patriarchal religion (a mistake I had made in the past for my former Kyrian group.)

However, as this article states: most Déanists have at least some relation to the Filianic faith, and in practice the separation between the two is less clear-cut than it might seem.

This does not necessarily mean that there might not be other Deanic religions such as Shaktism. But, while some of us may have tried to re-defined what Deanism means in the past, I think that the people who coined the phrase in the first place are the ones who best know how to define it.

Filianism means of the Daughter or Daughter God believer. A Filianist is Trinitarian and believes in the Filianic Creed. (Found below.) A Filianist believes that the Holy Daughter is our Soteria, our Saviouress. Filianism is a feminine Mystery religion and is presided by females, only.

The Filianic Faith, as a former leader of the religion once wrote, means certain things.  It is not a ‘free-for-all’ religion.

In order to prevent a religion from becoming a free-for-all, religions, such as Christianity, Filianism and the former Madrian religion, have creeds and a catechism. (The CMG uses the shorter form of the catechism.) Within the Creed and the catechism, the teachings of the religion are spelled out, clearly and concisely.

When one becomes Orthodox Christian or Catholic, they must accept the teachings of the Nicene Creed. For an adult to convert, they must undertake a six month study of the religion. If they cannot accept the Creed or the teachings of Catholic or Roman Christianity, they do not convert.

By the same token, one who is Filianic accepts the Creed and the teachings, especially as expounded in The Feminine Universe. 

In the past, we had refrained from referring to ourselves as being Filianic because we did not accept everything that the Creed taught,  (mainly due to misunderstandings). We also desired to create our own Tradition that had more of a Western devotional culture. And so, out of respect for Filianism, we only referred to ourselves as being Deanic.

It is my feeling that this is currently causing too much confusion. When we are really making Filianic statements, they are being misconstrued, by many, as being statements for all of Deanism. And so, we will, in the future, refer to ourselves as being Filianic. We believe in the Creed, the catechism (when properly understood) and the teachingbys of The Feminine Universe. But, we are a separate Tradition of Filianism than that of the Chapel.

The Feminine Universe is the first book each Janite priestess in training, must read and study.  In my personal opinion, this is a must read for every Filianic devotee. In my estimation, it is the companion text to the scriptures. Through the reading and studying of The Feminine Universe, a devotee cannot help but come away with a very clear understanding of the religion and the truth about and a proper understanding of matriarchal societies.

As far as the scriptures are concerned, those who are familiar with the Faith (and we use the term Faith within the western context of meaning a ‘religion’, hence the capital F) affirm that the scriptures were written for a matriarchal society. Of course, they may be used and read by everyone who loves Our Lady. It is only when they are taken out of their matriarchal context, that they are being misunderstood.

The Filianic/Madrian religion is a feminine religion and Madrian men understood and accepted this. They understood that the Madrian religion was a matriarchal, feminine religion presided over by females.

We are sorry if some find our beliefs and practices to be upsetting, but as has been stated time and time again, we realize that our religion isn’t right for everyone. It is simply right for us.

I believe that Madria Rosalie has one more future post to offer on these subjects.

(Please note that Janites use the longer form of the Creed as found on our website.)

The Filianic Creed  (for an explanation of the Creed, please see:

I believe that I am created
from before the dawn of time
by the one eternal Dea.

I believe that Dea is One
and there are none beside Her,
And I believe that She is also Three.

I believe in the Mother,
Who is pure Light,
the Creatrix of the earth and of the heavens
and of all the illimitable cosmos.

And I believe in Her virgin Daughter,
born of the virgin Mother,
the ruler of all the energies of creation,
Whose nature is perfect Love.

And I believe in She that stands beyond these Two,
Whose Name has not been spoken on this earth:
For She is the Beginning and the End;
the First Principle and the Final Cause;
the unoriginated Origin of being.

I believe that I was made a perfect creature
and at the dawn of time my soul did turn
from the Perfection of existence
in the infirmity of her sovereign will:
And through this fault do I suffer
the limitation of imperfect being.

I believe that the Daughter of Eternity
gave herself to be cast down into darkness and death.
I believe that She rose from death triumphant
And reigns as Queen of Heaven.

I believe that through Her death
the fault of my soul shall perish,
And I believe, through Her triumphant life,
My soul shall rise renewed in her perfection
that she may return to eternal communion
with the one eternal Dea.





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