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by Madria Rosalie

O, Madria Rhea, Jana of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint, be with. May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Lately there has been quite a bit of confusion, anxiety and anger happening in the Deanic-Filianic community, based on the question who can be Deanic or Filianic – and who the Filianic scriptures are for, respectively who may use them. This upset has been voiced publicly online on some blogs, as well as privately via email. I have found myself surprised at all of this, uneasy at the responses, and disconcerted by how the situation has developed. Some individuals have even declared to not be Deanic because of this.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia – Prima Madria of the Janite Tradition – has made a statement in two parts on the Janite Tradition’s blog ‘Di-Jana’, declaring our position – as Janites – on this matter.
‘We Have A Right To Be Who We Are – Part I’
‘We Have A Right To Be Who We Are – Part II’
Personally, I will not get involved in contentious discussions; and as far as the Janite Tradition is concerned – of which I am the Prima Filia – I feel, with ArchMadria’s statement we have said everything that there is to say from our position.

However, because I have been made aware of this upset, I have been pushed to re-examine my own understanding; and will offer here a brief and concise ‘definition of terms’, in the hope that this will help those who are genuinely interested to understand particulars of the religion.
Deanism/Deanic – Deanism is not a religion. At least not a single religion. It is an umbrella definition for any and all religions and traditions which understand and declare Dea/Shakti/Devi/”Goddess” as Absolute – One without another. This is the fundamental premise to be Deanic. It does not matter, which Deanic religion is followed – or if any at all.
In comparison to male religion, Deanism/Deanic would equate to Abrahamism/Abrahamic, respectively to an understanding of God as ‘He’; whether that be in a context of any particular religion – Abrahamic, Hindu (yes, there are male Hindu religions, which actually form the majority within Hindu religions), or other – or not.
Finianism (Trinitarian Deanism)/Filianic – Filianism is a modern/contemporary form of the Ancient Mystery Tradition of Mother God (Demeter) and The Holy Daughter who is The Saviour (Kore/Persephone).
It is a specific religion – as is Hindu Shaktism – which falls under the umbrella of Deanism.
Filianism is a Female Mystery Tradition.
One might compare – to male religion – what is Filianism to Deanism, is Christianity to Abrahamism. (Christianity also being the only Mystery Tradition – at least that is the original idea – within the Abrahamic context.)
The Janite Tradition, as example of a Filianic/Trinitarian Deanic Tradition
This is a specific tradition (one might use the term Church, when comparing to Christian traditions), of the Filianic religion. As ours is a very small religion – in terms of followers – we do not have many distinct traditions/Churches at present. As far as I’m aware, at this time, there are only the Janite Tradition and Lucienne Tradition (headed by ArchMatrona Ghrian).
Looking back at the beginning of formation of our Filianic religion in its contemporary form, one could say that there was the original Madrian Tradition, which branched off into distinct groups/congregations – of which the Aristasians were one such group, which developed and later presented – most notably with the website A Chapel of Our Mother God – the Filianic religion.
One might compare – to male religion – what the Janite Tradition is in relation to Filianism, is what Roman Catholicism is in relation to Christianity.
The Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood
As some of the Christian traditons have religious and lay-religious orders, the Janite Tradition – as far as I am aware – is the only tradition within the Filianic religion to have lay-religious orders.

The JOP (Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood) to the Janite Tradition and Filianic religion, is what for example the Benedictine Order is to Roman Catholicism and the Christian religion.
There are also non-tradition-affiliated Filianic groups and congregations
The Chapel mentions online and on-the-ground Filianic congregations; and there is also the sub-culture group of the Daughters of Shining Harmony (Chelouranya) who are based on the Filianic religion. Chelouranya and the mentioned Filianic congregations are female-only groups.

To illustrate this on my own personal example: I am Deanic; I am Filianic, i.e. follow the Filianic religion; I am Janite, i.e. follow the Janite Tradition; I am a member/madria of the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood, and am of the Janite Hestian Order (which is again one of our three sub-orders within the JOP).

To answer, to whom all this may apply:
Anyone can be Deanic – if they accept the essential definition.
Anyone can be Filianic – if they follow the religions tenets, which includes understanding and respecting that this is a Female Mystery Tradition, which is not only Deanic and Female-centred, but also exclusively women-led.
Anyone can be Janite – if they follow the traditions tenets, which includes customs and modes of worship.
Only adult women who are Janite (and thus by default Deanic and Filianic) may be members of the Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood.

Lastly, – and that really should go without saying –
every being in this world, every being in any world – be that in this universe or any other – is a child of Dea, regardless of any characteristic whatsoever.

This post will be followed up by a post regarding ‘soul, gender & the afterlife’ – in which I hope to clarify certain things which, likewise, have caused a lot of angst and confusion, which often have led to anger and strife.