11 Ceres


Day of Madria Grace.

O, Madria Grace, Jana of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us.


So often, spending time alone in Nature gets us away from the world, clears the mind and helps the soul to refocus on what is truly important.

Continuously defending one’s belief system and customs against those who are not in agreement is not important. They don’t have to agree.

Constantly discussing and arguing about thealogy comes from patriarchy, not matriarchy; it is not important. It only causes strife, stress and disharmony. It is a distraction away from true devotion to Dea.

What is important is worshiping and loving Dea and being grateful for each day.

What is important is not losing that intimate connection with Nature, no matter where one lives.

What is important is walking with Dea every moment of each day in a natural and not a forced way.

It is time to simplify. It is time to follow one’s true Soul Path.

It is time to focus on living one’s real life.

It is time to center our religion on our worship, our customs and our traditions and let go of the rest.

Our scriptures have given us all we need as a guide to life.

“Therefore, walk thou in simplicity in the world, and let thy heart be as the heart of a little child. 39) And that the world laugh at thee, count it an honor; that they scorn thee, count it a blessing.

46) For the truth is such that a child may understand it…

47) What is thy Truth if it cannot be shared with a child?

48) For in the eyes of Eternity, how little is the space between an infant and the wisest of the world. The Way of Simplicity