Our Lady of Knock and Prayer by Madrina Sophia

23 Ceres/Aug. 2


Day of Madria Sage.

O, Madria Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.


Madrina Sophia has composed the following lovely prayer. Along with it, she has sent a picture of the statue of Our Lady of Knock. I think Her crown says it all. Notice the golden rose on the front! It is the only apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in which no words were uttered. She was silent.

Tis you High Queen, that I Need, composed by Madrina Sophia

Tis you, High Queen, that I need,

Dazzling perfect Spirit essence of all

to You Madria Dea I call

during my journey along the path of life

whenever I am doubtful, in misery or strife

Your glorious generous flame heart of love

guides and purifies my speech and deeds

so that I turn to You in heaven above

Tis you High Queen that I need.