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15 Vespera/Aug. 22


Exciting New Madrian Info/ECE//Janyati Names/Anthea/Moira Day/

Dear Sisters and Devotees,

There is so much happening, it’s been hard to keep up with it all! There have been and continue to be new Madrian documents being discovered which are shedding a greater light on the original beliefs of the Deanic religion. There will be additional new material being made public shortly.  As Serene Mother Ghrian recently commented, if only some of this material had previously been made known to us, we would have had a much greater understanding of the Madrian religion. I second that sentiment. It has long been my own desire to have a greater understanding of the foundations of our Faith other than what had previously been available to us.

This is, indeed, a joyful, exciting time and it is thanks to the hard work of Mr. David Kay and Sorella Sophia who have faithfully kept many documents and the recent work of archivist, Race MoChridhe.

We have added links to the Oxford Goddess Revival archive to our resources section under Madrian Archives I and II and Madrian Resources. Please note our important disclaimer under description.

 The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital

  This is the latest edition of our scriptures as arranged and edited by Race MoChridhe. Personally, I appreciate having each edition of the scriptures and the ECE is no exception. In addition to a fine rendering of the text, the appendixes and critical apparatus are invaluable. This edition may be found through his blog,

Janati Names:

We are currently researching the origin of the Aristasian names of the Janati. New evidence has surfaced that the Madrians may have been aware of the higher translation of the Greek  names. If so, this would be very important information for us. I’m so grateful that all of this exciting information is coming to us now. In relation to the Seven Janati, please see this entire article on the Seven Planetary Principles:

And note the following fragment, the one on the right of the Crystal Tablet, it appears to be quite old, but has not been professionally examined, to my knowledge. If you magnify it, you are able to read it and it mentions Sai Raya/Madria Theia.

(Please note, rayin means queen).

Other evidence has come to light about the Madrian knowledge of the Sanskrit names of the Janati. As such, the issue of whether or not to restore the Sanskrit names within Clan Jana is currently being discussed within the JOP.


Lady Anthea

Please note that under geniae, we are using the original name of Lady Anthea rather than Lady Thalia for the geniae of blossoms.


Moira Day

Tomorrow is Moira Day, or the Day of Werde’.

We  will offer a Madrian meditation for this day of contemplating personal fate.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.