Day of Werde’

16 Vespera/Aug. 23


O, Madria Mati, Jana of Intelligence, Wisdom and Intuition, be with us.

Please note: due to recent evidence that has come to light, the JOP has elected to restore the original names of the Janati within our Tradition. All rites and prayers have been updated to reflect this change. Thank you.

Today is known, in our Faith, as the Day of Werde’. It is a day of contemplating our personal fates (as determined by our behavior) and the fate of the larger society.

On this day, we consider the direction of our lives and where we might make better choices. We contemplate the Seven Streams of the 21 Virtues and think about which areas of improvement are needed in our lives.

Personally, I must always pray to Madria Rhea to help strengthen me in the areas of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-restraint because I tend to be impulsive and to rush headlong into things. I also pray to Madria Vikhe for help in having the courage to say no when I need to say no for the sake of my health and self-preservation. All these issues and choices result in either good or bad karma for my personal destiny.

Our personal fate is not determined only by the choices we make in this life, but it is also a culmination of each and every choice we have made in the entire past life-stream of our souls. Often-times, things we are going through in this life are issues we failed to resolve previous lives.

Through-out the life-stream of our soul, everything is a pattern that is woven from our choices. We are bound to keep repeating the same pattern until we learn to make a different choice which allows our souls to evolve. And so, if we wish a different pattern to our lives, then we must examine our lives and make different choices in order to break the pattern.

I have begun to observe, in my own life, that a certain set of circumstances will keep repeating in my life….like a pattern, until I finally become conscious that this set of circumstances is repeating because I continuously make the wrong choice or handle it in the wrong way. When I become aware that this is a self-repeating pattern, I consciously make a different choice or handle the situation in a different way and then the pattern does not repeat because I have finally learned that particular soul lesson. The thread to that pattern has been cut and a new thread is spun which will create a different pattern.

On this day of Werde’, let us closely examine our lives to determine where to cut the thread of the pattern we don’t wish to repeat. Let us pray to the Janati for guidance and help. And, let us pray the prayer of Reflection as found in our liturgy:

O, Madria Dea, we are Your true children now and Eternally; may our hearts turn from all transient things that we be rid of kear and guided by Your Holy Daughter, returned to Perfect Union with You.

Finally, let us become conscious of those times when we have a chance to cut the threads of negative patterns in order to help to change our destiny and to strengthen our Soul Path.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


A. M. Candre Sophia







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ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

I am a Deanic priestess and founder of the Janite Deanic Ekklesia at and the Iremian Order of Dea at (link to come).