Sacred Season of Fall/Madria Thame/Apple Moon

1 Abalon/Sept.5


Day of Madria Mati (Sophia)

O, Madria Mati, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Today marks the beginning of the Sacred Season of Fall.

It is also the Feast Day of Madria Thame’ and either tonight or tomorrow night may be considered the night of the Full Apple Moon.

Clergy may serve the liturgy for Madria Thame’ over the next three nights or on the upcoming weekend. If served on one of the next three nights, that liturgy may take the place of the Rite of Sacrifice for the Full Apple Moon.

The same applies for those who would like to serve the RoS in honor of Madria Thame’. If served within the next three nights, that will also suffice for the observance of the Apple Moon. It is not necessary to serve two separate Rites.

The upcoming feast day for the holy Month of Abalon, in addition to the Feast of Madria Thame, will be the major Feast of Matralia on 17 Abalon/Sept. 21. This feast day, in honor of the Holy Trinity, is also known as the Feast of Divine Life.

Later today, there will be a brief article on Madria Thame. Tomorrow, we will finish up our three part series which ends with the Seven Janati.

Please note the following correspondences for the Sacred Season of Fall and, as always, if any devotee has questions, please feel free to contact me at or you may contact one of the sisters listed on our contacts page. You do not need to be a member of the JOP in order to contact us or to ask questions about the Faith.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


Season of the Celestial Mother as the Apple of Wisdom.


Jana: Madria Thame.

Sacred Symbol: The Apple.

Element: Earth.

Elemental Color: Green.

Liturgical colors: Blue and Purple.

Direction: West.

Time of Day: Twilight.

Mystery: Terram: The Mystery of the Celestial Mother as the Ground of All Being.

Pendants: Apple


Apple, Fora, Sun.


Abalon (Old Welsh meaning Appleland.): Sept. 5 – Oct. 2

Feast Days:

1 Abalon/Sept. 5- The Feast of Madria Thame *.

17 Abalon/Sept. 21- Matralia.  (Feast of the Divine Feminine Trinity.)

Full Moon: Apple Moon.

Ourania: (Meaning Heavenly, Cosmic): Oct. 3 – Oct. 30.

Full Moon: Cosmic Moon.


Samhain: (Older form of Samhain meaning Summer’s End. For the Celts, summer ended in October.): Oct. 31- Nov. 27.

Feast Day:

1 Samhain/Oct. 31: Shimovane: (Older form of Samhain meaning Summer’s End.)  Feast of the Dead. (Liturgy or the RoS is optional, not mandatory.)

Spirit Moon.