Feast of Madria Thame’

1 Abalon/Sept. 5




Today is the Feast of Madria Thame’ (Thema). The Feast of the Janati is known as the Feast of All Heras in the former Madrian religion. In Janite Tradition, we observe the feast days of each individual Jana according to Their Season. The Sacred Season of Madria Thame’ is, of course, Fall and today marks the first day of Fall in the Deanic calendar.

We believe that Dea, Our Divine Mother God, is One and Three and Seven. The Seven are known as the Janati (Divine Gates of the Rivers of Life). Janati is a Sanskrit word for to generate; to have knowledge; to beget; to create; to cause to be born. We regard the Janati as the Seven Living Streams of Life and Virtue in manifest reality.

Jana, in ancient times, meant both moon and gate. And so, each Jana (singular of Janati in our religion, also spelled Janyati/Janya in the Filianic branch) is a Divine Gate or Divine Generator of the Seven Streams of Life and Virtue, all of which flow out of the Still Centre of the Absolute.

The Janati are the Seven Living Intelligent Streams or Rays of Dea in angelic form.

Madria Thame’ (Thema/Themis) is of the Fourfold Earth and is an angelic Face of the Celestial Mother, so to speak. We must remember that just as the Trinity is One and yet, Three, so the Janati are One and yet, Seven. Each is Dea and yet, each is an Individual. Madria Thame’ rules West and the Element of Earth.

At Her highest level, She rules the Power of the Harmony and Order of the Universe. At the planetary/Earthly level, She is the Mistress of all that is associated with harmony, justice and order on our planet.

At Her most Personal, intimate level, She is the Mistress of all that is associated with the needs of the hestia, all needs and categories that are normally associated with Earth and the Tarot suit of Pentacles or Discs. She can help us with employment, our homes and finances. She also helps in court and justice matters.  She has helped me and my family many times in miraculous ways. Harmony within the family, in relationships and amongst friends is also Her area of provenance.

The Janati are no more abstract Powers than are the Trinity. Just as the Trinity is Personal, the Members being actual Persons of the Trinity, so too, the Janati are Personal and are Persons of the Godhead. They are Forms of Dea and as such, we may pray to Them; we may call to Them; we may honor and worship Them. There is a Deanic saying: when you pray to a Jana, you are praying to Dea.

Let us honor Madria Thame’ with worship, prayer, flowers, candles, incense and hymns.

Praise and thanksgiving be unto You, O, Madria Thame’. May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues of Justice, Order and Harmony flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.  Blessed are You.


Jana: Madria Thame, which means, Queen and also Divine and natural Law, Order and Harmony. She is of the Four-fold Earth and Guardian of West and Earth.

Greek Name: Themis

English Name: Lady Justice

Face/Power/Blue Ray/Spirit/Form of the Celestial Mother

Mystery: Terram
Virtues: Order, Harmony and Justice.

Power: Justice.

Chakra: Throat
She is of the four-fold Earth and is Guardian of West and Earth.
Feast Day: 1 Abalon/Sept. 5
Planet: Jupiter.
Weekday: Abaldi/Thurs. (Abaldi-Appleday).
Metal: Tin
Color of Robes: Blue and purple.
Note: F (fa)
Element: Earth

Cardinal Direction: West

Tarot Association: Minor Arcana

Elemental Tool: Pentacle or Disc
Bird: Swan
Incense: Amber, Frankincense, Benzoin, Pine Resin, Dragon’s Blood, Sage, Cloves and Copal
Sacred Oil: Flaxseed Oil.
Sacred Herb: Mugwort.
Sacred Flower: Marigolds
Sacred Tree: Oak
Sacred Jewel: Jade
Sacred Symbol: The Apple.

Mantra: O, Madria Thame, Jana of Order, Harmony and Justice, be with us.

Abaldi Prayer (add to the Mantra:) May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.