Abaldi 3 Ourania/ Thursday Oct. 5 – Cosmic Full Moon Rite

Abaldi 3 Ourania/ Thursday Oct. 5 – Cosmic Full Moon


Oct 5th: Cosmic Full Moon. (For the Celestial Mother).
The Rite of Sacrifice (RoS) may be served by anyone of the Janite Tradition.

It would be nice if the RoS is served by the members of the J.O.P. Sisterhood at least on the Full Moons.
On the Trinity days (Foradi/Sunnadi/Lunadi) if they so desire, although this is not mandatory.

Exceptions may be made for the members of the Iremian Order who have difficulty with these types of rituals. In that case, they may compose their own prayers, hymns or a more natural method of worship.


What this ritual is all about

Oct 19th: Dark Moon. (For the Great Mother).

Oct 23rd: (4 days after the Dark Moon): Crescent Moon. (For the Holy Daughter).


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