Page on Traditional Janae Colours, Planets and Metals

23 Abalon / October 25

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday).

Day of Madria Sage.

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Ever wondered about why the Great Seven Janae are robed in certain colours which are symbolic of Who They Are in Their Spiritual Essence. (Hence liturgical, meaning that heads of household performing the Rite of Sacrifice (or Priestesses in the J.O.P.) wear accent colours.

The answer, as discovered by extensive research by ArchMatrona (Serene Mother) Ghrian of the Lucienne Deanic Tradition. Is the ancient link between the Classical Planets and the metals of alchemy.

“Alchemy itself is most often described as the ancient tradition of sacred chemistry by which one discovers the truth about the nature, both spiritual and temporal, of reality, its structure, laws and functions.”

Illustrated with metal ores.

Also the links between the Janae and a rainbow.

Loads of additional (some un-related) colour information.

See the page:

May Dea bless you. Blessed is She. Madrina Sophia


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