Feast of The Dead Reflection

Oct 29/Ourania 27

The month of Ourania is slowly coming to an end and in the next few days Shimovane will be here. Back in my Goddess Pagan days, Samhain was a day rather than a whole month. Samhain was the one day when the veil between our world and the spirit world were the thinnest. This was an important time for magic spells to be worked as a witch.

Now, that I am a Deanist I find that Shimovane holds a similar yet different meaning. We do not have a set belief for what happens to the soul upon death. Madrians did have a concept of Avala, or a paradise with the Daughter. From my understanding, Avala is a temporary abode that the soul lives. Deanists typically hold that from Avala the soul can either reincarnate on earth or continue its journey to the mother. This concept is very similar to that of samsara in Buddhism or Hinduism.


During this time I found it very helpful to pray that the souls that have passed make it safely to the Daughter’s abode in Avala. I pray that the souls in Avala have made it to reuniting with Dea above.

I also like to make little donuts for my altar to represent the turning of the wheel of time (plus I like donuts). I change the flavor for each day of Shimovane. I believe apples and pumpkin flavors are perfect for this time of year!

This time of year is a time to reflect on Dea, the Mother’s mercy. That is what I like to think of it as. As Samhain comes and the three day festival of Shimovane, keep the Mother close and remember she loves you dearly.

In the eternal Love of Dea and the Light of her Heart,

Sorella Ayako Hibayashi