Blessed Shimovane.

2 Samhain/Nov. 1

Stellardi/Wed. Day of Madra Sage

Blessings of Shimovane from ArchMadra Candra.

As many of you know, I have retired from online ministry due to health reasons. However,  I will occasionally be posting guest articles and guiding the Tradition from behind the scenes.

Awhile back, I announced that the New To Be Named Tradition had left the Deanic community.  The New To Be Named Tradition are no longer of the Deanic religion. This decision was made for undisclosed reasons. As a result, we are making some minor adjustments in certain areas. One of which, we are changing from the Madrian, Madria to Madra for mother. The Filianic term Janati has been changed to Janae. And this site will be parked around January. The New To Be Named Tradition moving to a new blog.

We are now fully  accepting of those who believe in Father God and our Tradition is open to all devotees.

Our Mysteries will no longer be based upon the Filianic-Madrian scriptures, but rather upon the Divine Sophia, Who, Herself, is known as  Triune.

We take The Teachings of the Daughter as a source of inspiration, but we will also find that  certain other scriptures are sources for our basic Mythos.

The New To Be Named Tradition is now whole in and of itself. Publications that are in progress must be re-worked to reflect our exodus from Deanism.

I have been wanting to write a guest article on the Seven Creations , but, unfortunately, my computer has crashed, yet, again. I will try to get to the library and write the article before I leave for Hawaii . If not I will post it upon my return.

In the meantime, I wish to express my appreciation to Madrina Sophia and Sorella Ayako for the fine work that they are doing on the blog and with the Janites.

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.

ArchMadra Candra Sophia.