The World Soul

4 Samhain/Nov. 3

Columbadi/Fri. Day of Madra Grace.

Dear Devotees,

I have been learning so much about the Holy Daughter Sophia, I can’t wait to return and share what I have been learning.

For us, the Holy Daughter is Kore Sophia. Though both the Shekinah and Sophia are known to have descended through the Seven Realms to become the World Soul, there is a difference between how They are each the World Soul. The Shekinah is the Soul of Her people, the Israelite community. She is bonded to Her people. The Divine Sophia, becomes the Soul of the World, the Soul of the Cosmos. As I have explained in the past, She is very much the Soul of Nature. When She has appeared in visions, She has shown Herself as the mountains, glens, lakes….all of Nature. She is not the mountain, the glen or the lake, but rather, She is the breath of each and everything; the sustaining Force or Energy. While we are not pantheistic, we are close to being panentheaistic. This is how we understand the Holy Daughter.

When you stand quietly in Nature, you can feel Her Presence. Sometimes, She will send a sign, like a morning dove or an owl.

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She is with us so intimately, in a way that the Mother cannot be. And She loves us. And She offers us Her wisdom. And She offers us Her Wine/Water and Her Bread. And She offers us Her Soul and as, in Christianity, the Son raises us to the Father; the Daughter restores us to the Mother.

Sophia is not limited to one religion. She is the Soul of the entire World. She is of all people, everywhere….whoever will accept Her. She is waiting for all of us to recognize Her. It is Her Time. It is the prophesied Time of the Daughter.

This does not take away from the True Father or the Father and the Son, rather, it completes Them. This Time of the Daughter forms the final piece of the puzzle. As the prophesy stated: First was the Time of the Mother; then was the Time of the Father. Now  is the Time of the Son, then will come the Time of the Daughter. She is the last Member of the Divine Family to have Her Time and Place in our hearts.

We hold that Trinitarianism is not strictly monotheistic.  We believe in One Godhead with Divine Persons. There will be more on this teaching in the future.

See articles: Under the heading: The Question of Trinitarianism and Monotheism.

I wish to explain that the newly named religion may practice the newly named Tradition, alone…. which focuses worship on the Divine Feminine Trinity, or they may practice a Blended Path such as newly named-Christian/newly named-Pagan/newly named-Jewish, etc. For myself, I am transitioning to newly named-Episcopalian.

This must be brief, as I must leave, but I wish to thank Madrina Sophia for the beautiful Shrine that she posted.

Blessings to all.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia