The Astrean Silver Fir Tree & Decorations

Samhain 21/Nov. 20


Dear Friends and devotees of Dea,

I know that until 28 Samhain / November 27 we are still enjoying the sacred season of Autumn / Fall but the sacred season of Winter will arrive and we will be fully emerged in joyous festivities. So I am posting about the Astrean Silver Fir Tree early so that we may all be prepared to participate in our custom.

Madrina Sophia


European Silver Fir Abies alba (Pinaceae)

The Silver Tree/Fir Tree is symbolic of the World Tree/Axis. It is situated at the central point of the universe whilst stretching out to the far
corners. Just like Dea as the still point (transcendent Mother) and as the Sacred Form in all creation (immanent Daughter).
The World Tree/Axis links Heaven, the manifest middle worlds / planes and the under world. It reflects the sacred role of our Holy Daughter.

It also reflects the sacred seasonal mysteries of the solstices / Gates of Heaven.

1. Feast of Divine Daughter, Stella Caeli – Star of Heaven, Yule, 24 Astrea / 21st December
The Daughter’s manifestation down into the dense planes of existence. To axial beings symbolised by the Northern Star.
The Northern Gateway. Lowest Gate of Heaven. On earth the subtle element of Air.
Our Soteria (saviour) is immanent / with us which is joyous. The Quest is to realise that we in every life in the manifest planes carry a portion
of Holy Soul (Daughter) which we as created and generated (by Great & Celestial Mothers), Her children (axial beings) have descended with
in order to experience and learn everything for our education. We must magnifying the Good Loving Light Divinity within, to ascend up back to
our Celestial Mother.

2. Feast of Holy Mother, Rose of Heaven, Rosa Caeli, 9th Rosa / 21st June
The Daughter’s return to the highest point on the world axis and the restoration of Her sovereignty over Creation, reunited with the Mother.
The Southern Gateway. Highest Gate of Heaven. On earth the subtle element of Fire.
The Quest by which each person individually, and all humans collectively, strive to follow our Holy Soul Daughter. This Quest is conceived as being interior — a Quest to raise the soul from its sleep. The Celestial Mother Mari as the Assumption of our souls in the manifest planes.

Madrina Sophia


The Silver Fir Tree


Silver tea light candle holder

The Silver Tree is in honor of our Creation Story, where it is said that the original Creation was silver. The Silver Tree is also in honor of the Janae as their color is said to have been silver before they emanated from Dea Madria, Mother God, into the Seven Living Streams of Virtue. Silver is said to contain all the colors of the rainbow. [1]

I use the above Silver Tree (discontinued by Yankee candle). I tend to keep mine on my altar all year long. Others keep it solely as an Astrean (during the month of Astrea) tradition.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia



The Astrean Tree should be put up in the hestia (blessed & sacred home) on the 1st Astrea / 28th November

Table top silver aluminium vintage christmas tree
Ceramic table top tree

An Astrean Tree may be purchased new or vintage. It can be silver or green.

(The Druids Cal.) “The use of fir trees, holly, ivy, and bay all go back to druidic practices”. [2]

“For example, the evergreen tree and holly which remain green throughout the long months of cold and darkness, were widely used in the
Northern European celebration of Yule because they hold promise that spring will once again return to the land.” [3]

Evergreen plants, symbolise the Eternal Divine Spirit of Holy Mother and the Eternal Divine Soul of Holy Daughter. As Her children, we have
existed eternally, before time and space, it is our human (physical, mental & emotional) body that is mortal. In our Scriptures, moving outwards
to impermanence, the child of Dea becomes tired, and day and night are created, then other planes of existence.

screenshot krokotak christmas trees

We can also hand craft an Astrean Tree from paper, card, fabric, ribbons.
Here is a small selection of ideas:

During World War 2 and the bombing of London City, England.
“Home-made decorations, such as paper-chains, and any available artificial decorations were used to enliven the home and offer cheer – despite the constant threat of bombing. A small artificial tree was a great asset, as it could be easily transported to the bomb shelter as required. One East End family had one made of goose feathers, which could be decorated with tinsel and paper decorations.” [4]

Tree Decorations.

Hazelnuts turned Mini Wreath Ornaments
long, golden-red cinnamon stick bundle
Pine Cone Bow Ornament

Natural pine cones and nuts are seeds therefore symbolic of creation.

white tree coloured decorations

The coloured light bulbs represent the Janae, the 7 Supernal Genetrixes, Guardians or Wellsprings of the Seven Streams of Life or Virtue.
They are the Seven Faces/Powers/Spirits of Dea, Our Divine Mother God, in rarefied angelic form.
Also the 5 Sacred seasonal colours. [5]

Red & Gold African American Angels
vintage wooden angels
Handmade Felt angel
Handmade mini guardian angel tree decorations
Handmade crochet white angels

As well as actual angel or Janae figurines.

Reindeers of felt or wood are “actually the stags that drew the chariot of Freya, the Sun Goddess of the North”. [3]

Other symbolic decorations are stars for both Holy Daughter & Great Mother, suns for Celestial Mother and moons for Holy Daughter.

The Janite Calendar

Please note: some of our devotees practice a dual Path. Some are Jews and Christians for whom the Deanic Faith is the “Mother God side of
religion”. Others are Pagans or Druids who also incorporate the Deanic Faith, although our belief system is different than that of neo-
Paganism. And, of course, for many devotees, the Deanic Faith is their sole religion.

The Daughter Day, or in Latin Filiadi known as the Feast of Adoria, can be celebrated either on Winter Solstice / Yule / 24th Astrea / 21st
December or on Nativity 28th Astrea / 25th December. This is a choice for the individual.

May Dea bless you.
Blessed is She.

Madrina Sophia


[1] Critical Treatment, 2.2 Systematic Selections and Emendations.
2.2.7 The Primordial Color
(starting on page 69 of the PDF, actual page numbers 61-66)
The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital 3rd Edition



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