The sacred season of Winter is a Hopeful and Joyful season of the Cosmic Drama.


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The sacred season of Winter is a Hopeful and Joyful season of the Cosmic Drama.
The sacred season of Winter is a very spiritual and busy time for the Janite Tradition. The five Great Mysteries are incomprehensible to our limited state of understanding, although symbols may point towards Spiritual Truths. We can contemplate or concentrate upon a Mystery which enables our divine souls to remember and advance towards Déa.

From our Déanic catechism:
“9. What is a Mystery?

A Mystery is a truth beyond the grasp of reason which Déa has nonetheless revealed to us.” [1]

As a Cosmic Drama this happens out of time & space in Eternity. Which are real happenings taking place “on the Pleroma, which is the realm of absolute reality. These Divine Events are at the base of all other existence. They Happen.” [2]

This is the Mystery of Adoria (latin for Glory) [3]. The Appearance [4] of the Holy Daughter Who is the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star. The Great Symbol of this sacred season.

Our scriptures use the traditional story of a Divine Birth on the Cosmic level in order to describe the eternal appearance of the Daughter from the Mother. This appearance is similar to the emanation of Sophia from the Barbelo, aka, Higher Sophia and this is also similar to Lower Shekinah emanating from Higher Shekinah.

The Holy Daughter proceeds from the Celestial Mother in order to be here, with us. She is imminent, with us and She clothes, covers and protects our spirits with our souls. This is what makes our life here on Earth possible.

There can be no more intimate relationship with Deity than that of the Holy Daughter sharing Her very Soul with us.

Our Holy Celestial Mother gave humans the power of choice. At the dawn of time, humans lived at Home with Mother Mari in Her Heavenly Rose Garden of Paradise, where all was perfect, spiritual and serene. Deciding that we wished to explore beyond Our Divine Mother, we were given the opportunity to experience many things: joy and sorrow, comfort and pain, rest and work, bonding and separation. Holy Celestial Mother promised that She would always be present with us, in the Form of Her Holy Daughter, Who would be ever ready to show us
where we went astray and guide us back to the right path. From time to time, Her Holy Daughter would also provide us with the gifts of Spiritual Nourishment and Spiritual Refreshment for the journey. At the end of our quest, humans would come Home. [5]

The Daughter is our bridge to the Divine Mother and at the end of our incarnations, we, our spirits and souls, will be assumed, along with the Holy Daughter, into full reunion/communion with Our Divine Mother God, where we
will abide with Her in everlasting Bliss. This is what we are celebrating on Adoria which is The Daughter’s Day, some call it the Nativity.

This is why Janites call Her Holiness Kore Di-Jana meaning Daughter Divine Gate of Our Mother God.

Because we can no longer look upon the brightness of the Holy Mother, Who is the Supernal Sun, She sent us the Holy Daughter Who is the gentle Supernal Moon. These are 2 Great Symbols.

[2] Introduction to The Creation in The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians edited by Philip P Jackson, 2009.
[4] The Holy Daughter ‘proceeds’ from the Celestial Mother. Not ‘born’, which, sounds like a human birth, or even that She ‘emanates’ because that just sounds too sterile or abstract. Instead of ‘birth’, we use ‘Appearance’ of the Holy Daughter. Emanates means to flow.
[5] Extracts from The Matronite Chantry Creation Story [an adaptation of the Hero’s Journey] composed by ArchMatrona (Serene Mother) Ghrian of the Lucienne Tradition.


The Jana who governs the sacred season of Winter is Madria Sage. Her Divine Virtues are Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom. Which we can implement in our lives, in whichever ways we find appropriate.

Winter Months
It is advantageous for people seeking to become closer to Dea to use devotional methods for integrating the Sacred seasons, months, weeks and days of the Déanic wheel of the year (a year and a day) into their lives.

Astrea, November 28 – December 25
(Modernised latin meaning Star, it also has a meaning of Light Maiden)
This is the reflection that I find personally meaningful and beneficial:
Prayful awaiting of the coming of the light of Kore Di-Jana amidst deepening darkness.
Full Moon: Glory Moon.

Hestia, December 26 – January 22
(Meaning Sacred Hearth and Home)
These are the reflections that I find personally meaningful and beneficial:
Di-Jana is immanent: Déa’s Light and Life and Love, human life designed as a way back to Déa.
Full Moon: Blessing Moon.

Brighid, January 23- February 19
(Meaning exalted or bright one)
These are the reflections that I find personally meaningful and beneficial:
Dea inspiring, inciting, creating, crafting, nourishing & healing.
Full Moon: Bright Moon.


The lunar month is 4 weeks comprising 28 days.
Each week representing again the Solar year in miniature.
Dark Moon – Winter Solstice

15th – 21st Astrea / 12th – 18th December

15th – 21st Hestia / 9th – 15th January

15th – 21st Brighid / 6th – 12th February

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday) – honours the Holy Daughter as the Triple Stars of Hope, Wonder and Guiding.
Stelladi is presided over by Jana Madria Sage of the Fourfold Earth. She is the Guardian of North and Air. The season of Winter.

On Her day we say:
O,Madria Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.
May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Feast Day: 1st Astrea / November 28th, the 1st day of the Sacred Season of Winter

(includes links to all correspondences, prayers, foods etc.)

The sacred season of Winter altar cloth is the elemental seasonal colour of yellow. This can be a doily, hankey/handkerchief, table cloth. (Which should be object blessed).
An altar candle can be the elemental seasonal colour of yellow, rather than white.
Priestesses will accent their white dresses/robes with accessories in the liturgical colours of yellow.
(Which is the colour of the robes of the Jana Madria Sage. These are colours that are symbolic of Who They Are in Their Spiritual Essence).

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on their media with all due crediting.

May Dea bless you.

Blessed is She.

Madrina Sophia

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