Sun Wheel – The Violet / Purple Candle of Faith

Astrea 11 / Dec. 8

Columbadi or Dove Day. (Friday).

Day of Madria Grace.

Dear Friends and devotees of Dea,

Here, so that we may all be prepared to participate in our custom, is the prayerful act of lighting the (Yellow Candle of Hope, Green Candle of Wisdom), Violet / Purple Candle of Faith. The candle is lit (electric tea light or table lamp switched on) before dinner or early evening, followed by a brief scripture reading and prayers on Sunnadi or Sun Day 13th Astrea / 10th December.

Madrina Sophia

Sun Wheel – The Violet / Purple Candle of Faith

Glitter swirl colour LED candle

Today, within the Divine Cosmic Drama, we honor Mysteria, the Great Mother, as the Veiled Fora of Faith. She is known in both the Janite and Lucienne communities as Déa Matrona, which means the Great Mother Goddess (Great Mother God). “The Gaulish [1] theonym [2] (which should be theanym, in this case) Mātr-on-ā signifies “great mother.”

The title, Matrona, comes from the Goddess, Déa Matrona [3] for whom the river, Marne, was named (in ancient times it was called the Matrona river). She is Absolute Deity, the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness.

The Great Mother / Absolute Deity / Déa Matrona / Mysteria / Déam Mysterium

The Great Mother, a collage copyright of Madrina Sophia. Seek Permission and share with all due crediting. For private use only. Indigo halo = Great Mother, Gold halo = Celestial Mother, Silver halo = Holy Daughter / Mother of our souls. Symbolising Ultimate Divine Source, emanation of the Divine. Veil of stars. Fora with 3 circles symbolising the Holy Feminine Trinity at the centre. The celtic trinity knots on the 4 arms symbolise Spirit everywhere.

Ground of All Being, Ultimate Source, the Supreme Being, Gnostic Monas, the Great Provider, the abundance of the Cosmos.
She is the original Fountain, the Great Cosmic River, from which all else flows.
She is not so wholly transcendent that She is not also with me as I am in Her. We may describe what She is not and we may also describe what She is, as far as our finite minds are capable. [For more info in links: 4]

The Violet / Purple candle also signifies the Season of Moura. [For more info in links: 5]
Moura may either translate as darkness or death. It indicates that, like Sophia, the Holy Daughter suffered a descent down through the realms. Some, in our Faith, believe the Daughter died, others do not. Devotees are free to believe according to their conscience.
The direction of Center (Spirit): Mysteria: She is the Mystery of the Still Centre of All Being. [For more info in a link: 4]
Janae Madrias of Spirit who are: Madria Candra, Madria Theia and Madria Rhea. [For more info in a link:6]
The time of the Dark Hour before the Dawn, the Great Symbol of the Fora.

I visualise the Fora as a three dimensional figure in glowing gold, with the three lines running north-south, east-west and up-down, all intersecting at the centre, where there is a glowing golden sphere. Madrina Sophia.

Embroidered Celtic Cross

The Great Symbol of the Fora. This is symbolic of Dea Matrona, Great Mother God as the Fora of Faith. The word “fora” means “foundation” or “fundamental” because it is a symbol of the “foundational form” or “fundamental pattern” of the “foundational-fundamental principle of the Cosmos”. [For more info in links: 7]

The Mystery is Moura (which means dark & fate) which encompasses the Descent of the Holy Daughter and Quassare: The Shattering of the Divine Soul of the Holy Daughter. (Some devotees view this as a symbolic or actual death of our Holy Daughter).

Our Scriptures teach that the Holy Daughter suffered a torturous Descent down through the Realms before Her Death. These scriptural verses, taken altogether, are seemingly inspired by the Mythos of Inanna, Persephone, and the Passion of the Christ. Our scriptures continue with the story of how after Her death, the Holy One went to the deepest, darkest realms in order to carry the Light of the Mother to every corner of existence. (Jesus was said to have descended into hell, after death, to free the souls waiting there. Persephone, of course, spent six months in Hades.) On the Holy Feast of Eastre, as evidenced in the Mythos of Persephone, the Daughter was rescued and resurrected by Her Mother.

In contrast to the Mythos of Persephone, the Divine Sophia is not saved by Her Mother. Rather, She, like Quan Yin, chooses to remain immanent with us. She becomes an integral Part of us, to unite as One Being with us, until the day we desire nothing but Perfect Love and so at that ending of the time of our Soul Journey, She ascends with us, assuming our souls unto the Celestial Mother in the Heavenly Realm of Bliss, the Pleroma, our True Home.

Latin Quassare “to shatter,”
of Quatere “to shake,”
from PIE root *kwet- “to shake”

which reminds us of the word vibration, the Holy Daughter’s torturous Descent down through the ever increasingly denser and darker dimensions eventually causing…

“for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works. Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience
this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose.” [8]. And, this is exactly how we understand the Sacrifice of the Holy Daughter.

Sources for this Myth of the Divine Shattering of Shekinah/Sophia may be found within certain traditions of Kabbalism, in Gnostic schools of thought and in ancient Syrian Gnostic Christianity.

So the one word Quassare leads us through the Cosmic drama in it’s entirety.

(Interestingly enough, in Greek, Divine Shattering is Feminine: theía thráfsi.)

“I picture the Divine Shattering of the Holy Daughter like an hologram that has been shattered into a million pieces. Each shattered piece (us) is still a reflection of the Whole and yet, the Core of the Original Wholeness is still intact because the Holy Daughter is God and God cannot disintegrate. She cannot die.

The Holy Daughter is like the Central Piece of the Original Hologram. Though the fragile, rarefied outward pieces of the Daughter’s Soul was Shattered (and Sophia is said to have had a rarefied Body—Soul), Her Essence, Her Spirit, did not, could not, shatter, disintegrate.

Thus, the Original Immanent Image of She Who is the Holy Daughter, was Shattered, and yet, remained Whole in and of Herself and we, Her Divine Sparks, each were en-souled with Her Soul. She is the Soul of our souls and the Spirit of the Divine Sparks within us.

To summarize: In Her desire to be immanent with us, we who are the Children of the Earth / the Children of Dea, after our fall into density, the painful Descent through the denser, lower vibrational Realms proved to be too much for the delicate, rarefied Soul-Body of the Holy Daughter, one which was not protected by a material body and so, it Shattered. We became One in Soul with the Holy Daughter. We contain souls that were given to us out of Her Sacrifice; we contain within our souls Her Divine Sparks.” [9]
ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Janite Déa-nic Tradition: Tenebrae, latin meaning darkness. [10]

The Importance of this day:

“On this day, Janites spend a day in somber remembrance of this greatest, most heart-rending, soul wrenching, sacrificial myrrh-infused, stopped moment out of time when all the Cosmos holds its breath; the most knee-bowing, head-veiling, thunderstruck, awestruck, Shining Being witnessed, Ultimate, Primordial Love Sacrifice of the Most Pure and Holy Daughter. She literally gave Herself to us. And, She never left us. She stayed.” [9]
ArchMadria Candra Sophia

See: Sacred Season of Moura article (to be written in the future).

Prayerful Act:

On our Sunwheel, we light the Violet / Purple Candle of Faith in honour of the Holy Daughter, Koré. (Pronounced Korah or Koree, which means Maiden.) The Mystery which it represents is the Quassare: The Shattering of the Divine Soul of the Holy Daughter. We also honour the Great Symbol of Fora (Great Mother).

On Sunnadi or Sun Day / 13th Astrea / 10th December.

The Violet / Purple candle also signifies the Season of Moura, the direction of Center, the time of the Dark Hour before the Dawn, Jana Madrias Candra, Theia and Rhea.

We trace the Sign of the Fora.

The candle is lit (electric tea light or table lamp switched on) before dinner or early evening, followed by a brief scripture reading and prayers on Sunnadi or Sun Day 13th Astrea / 10th December.

Before dinner or early evening, light (electric tea light or table lamp switched on) the Green Candle of Wisdom and pray: O, Déa, Apple of Wisdom, be with us.

Then, light (electric tea light or table lamp switched on) the Yellow Candle of Hope and pray: O, Déa, Star of Hope, be with us.

Light (electric tea light or table lamp switched on) the Violet Candle of Faith and say: O, Déa, Fora of Faith, be with us.

Scripture: [11]
The scripture reading for the lighting of the Lilac / Purple Candle of Faith is:

Title 2, The Crystal Tablet, verses 1-11.

1. Existence is a web of tapestry. 2. A web is a pattern of many crossroads connected by short paths. 3. Some crossroads are the intersection of many paths, some of but a few. Some are great and some are small. Each path has its own colour.
4. Every crossroads is a choice, and every choice has a spiritual meaning. 5. In each turning we choose either to come closer to Perfection or else to move away from Her. 6. In the first way the soul perfects herself in beauty; in the second she grows duller and more coarse. 7. In the first way she learns happiness even in dearth, and gathers riches of the spirit; in the second she learns pain even amid opulence, and the spirit walks in rags.
8. Where lead the paths? The first to the foot of the celestial throne; the second to the dark gates of the realm of death. 9. How shall the soul know her direction? 10. As in the world of matter there are four fixed points by which the corporeal vessel may know its course, so, in the compass of the spirit, are there three to guide the soul.
11. The first is Life, or Wholeness, the Light of the Absolute; the second is Light, or Energy, the Light of the Holy Mother; the third and gentlest Light is Love, the Light of Our Soteria, the Holy Daughter.

The reading may be followed by any one or a combination of the various devotional methods.
A prayer in your own words, or any of the following:

1. Hail, Mysteria [12]
(For the Sacred Season of Moura or Great Symbol of the Fora)

2. Hail, Koré [12]
(For the Sacred Mystery of the Descent of the Holy Daughter and Quassare: The Shattering of the Divine Soul of the Holy Daughter.)

3. Déa Matrona, Great Mother God, the Veiled Fora of Faith.
Déa Filia, Daughter God, the Holy Soul of all Creation. [12 & 13]

4. Eternal is the Life of the Empress, the Fountainhead of the All.
Eternal is the Love of the Queen, the Fountain of the All. [12 & 13]

5. Litany of the Great Mother. [12]

6. Litany of the Holy Daughter [12]

A Janite Psalm:

7. Psalm 2: You Have Ever Been With Me. [14]
(Daughter God as immanent)
8. Psalm 6: We Give Praise unto Our Lady. [14]
(Déa as the Holy One)
9. Psalm 9: O, Veiled Fora of Faith. [14]
10. Psalm 14: O, Great Mother. [14]
(Great Mother God)

11. Oh Koré of the Descent and Shattering. [15]

Oh Koré, how deeply You have been hurt and humiliated in Descending,
my understanding is too shallow,
how strong Your Divine determination to reach every place in reality and imagination,
to seek those who have forgotten they need a Saviour,
my memory is too unreliable,
how You shattered Your own Holy Soul, perfect, gentle and light,
remaining inside each of us, experiencing every act with us,
my voice is too weak,
to give adequate appreciation, devotion and praise to You,
Oh Koré, I glorify you, I magnify you and I adore You.

12. O, Déa, Fora of Faith. [16]

O, Déa, Fora of Faith
we thank You, we bless You and we adore You.
For through Your everlasting life, we are infused with Your luminous Graces
and are protected by the Veiled Stillness at the Centre of All. O, Great Mother,
You are the steadfast Fora of our return to Spirit.
O, Déa, Fora of Faith, be with us.

13. O Great Mystery. (Janite ending added) [17]

O Great Mystery
Veiled Origin of Eternity
The First Principle
And the Final Cause
It is you who gives life,
And you who gives death
That we may have life anew
To guide our souls through profane realms.
O Great One,
Darkness who births the Light,
Mother of our Mother,
We praise You.
Blessed is She.

14. Light the candle! [18]
(page 116)

15. Holy Child. [18]
(page 117)

A Rosary:
16. Third Mystery Quassare on a five septad/seven bead rosary. [12]

17. An Auroram to Mysteria (I shield my eyes). [19]

18. Immah (Mother) Barbelo [20]

Holy Barbelo,
Eternal mystery,
Mother supreme,
From your womb comes forth all light,
And in your darkness all find peace,
Only you, Great One,
Are the foundation of all things,
Unbreakable. Irrevocable. Immovable.
Your faces are many and yet your heart is One,
That which pulses through the multiverse,
Through all heavens and hells and spiritual planes.
There is nothing beyond You and nothing before You.
O Imma Regina. Triple Powered. Triple Pure.
May all come to know that they have never been separate from You,
May those bound up in sorrow and suffering break through this illusion.
For we have been held in your arms since the beginning,
And to your embrace shall all come to sleep.
Blessed art thou, Goddess, Our Lady,
So be it.

19. A Call To Our Lady [21]

O Princess of the Stars,
I call unto thee,
Heiress of the Heavens,
Voyager of all Hells,
Hear my prayer this day.

Daughter Divine,
Shine your wisdom down upon me,
Let your love be a beacon,
That illuminates the cosmos.
May your resolve that helped you face,
All the suffering of the aeons,
Be shared out upon all who seek you.

Zoe, Anna, Kore,
Maiden of a thousand names,
Allow me to cleave to your silver gown,
Take my hand through the strife before me,
And sing your courage into my heart.

For you are the gift of Life unto us,
O Sotaria Regina,
Who flung Her net of starlight unto the world,
To gather us home to the Mother’s garden.
Blessed are you, Our Lady of All Souls,

Blessed Be The Queen.

A Song:

(For the Sacred Season of Moura or Great Symbol of the Fora)

1. Psalm 14: O, Great Mother. [22]

(For the Sacred Mystery of the Descent of the Holy Daughter and Quassare: The Shattering of the Divine Soul of the Holy Daughter.)

2. Two Worlds Collide copywrite of Demi Lovato. [23]

“She was scared
Lost in the dark.
Falling Apart,
I can survive,
With you by my side.
We’re gonna be alright.
This is what happens when two worlds collide.”

(For the Sacred Mystery of the Death of the Holy Daughter.)

3. A Hymn for Kala & The Hiatus: Lament for our Lady. [24]

4. Track 10 – Our Lady Of The Underground (Anaïs Mitchell – album Hadestown). [25]


Ancient celtic oral traditions – carmina gadelica (slightly adapted) [26]

Déa to enfold me,
Déa to surround me,
Déa in my speaking,
Déa in my thinking.

Déa in my sleeping,
Déa in my waking,
Déa in my working,
Déa in my hoping.

Déa in my life,
Déa in my lips,
Déa in my soul,
Déa in my heart.

Déa in my doing,
Déa in my slumber,
Déa in mine ever-living soul,
Déa in mine eternity.


Basic Soul Connection Meditation [27]

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.
Bring your awareness to your body and the breath. Breathe in and out deeply from the belly 5-6 times.
Start to sense the space and stillness surrounding your body. Don’t judge, just observe.
If any thoughts come up, don’t resist them, simply allow them to pass without engaging in them. Imagine your thoughts as leaves floating down a stream, they are there, but you are just looking at them, observing them as they go by.
Continue noticing the space that is inside of you, use your breath to increase the space inside and around your body. If it helps, you can imagine this space as Divine Light filling you and the space around you.
This may correspond with the Holy Feminine Trinity: [26]
Great Mother – Luminous, Shimmering Darkness.
Celestial Mother – Bright Yellow.
Holy Daughter – Bright White.
Or it may be another coloured light of significance to you.
Go deeper into this space, allow your entire body and mind to sink deeper- keep up with your breathing and use each inhale and exhale to guide you.
Once you feel a connection to this space you may begin to feel tingles or the gentle hum of your soul.
At this stage, ask your soul for guidance, for a healing, or to present itself to you more clearly through life.
Notice what starts to occur within you now. All experiences will be different so stay open to what your soul is communicating to you.
Finish the mediation by gently coming back into the awareness of your physical body; then slowly open up your eyes.

Finish with:

The Eternal Trinity Prayer:

Eternal is the Light of the Mother.
Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.
Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother.
Glorious is the Eternity of Déa.


O, Déa, Fora of Faith, be with us.


The Traditional Janite ending:

Let us bless the Empress of Heaven, Queen of Heaven*.
Blessed are They.
Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power.
Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

*Great Mother, Holy Daughter
A way of expressing the Divine Royal emanations / lineage.

Trace the Sign of the Fora:

In the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother. Blessed are They.


(Extinguish the 3 candles after the prayers or your meal).


[4] Information including the meaning of crone by ArchMatrona Ghrain
Mysteria Dea Matrona – Mysterious Great Mother
The Cailleach
Dea Matrona as Deantha Vespera
[6] Janae Trinity of Spirit
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[10] tenebrae f pl (genitive tenebrārum); first declension
1. darkness, especially the darkness of night
2. (poetic) shadow of death
3. prison, dungeon
4. (by extension) gloom or darkness of the mind
[11] July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union Version (Second Edition, Third Update)
Free download:
(with thanks to Glenn King)
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Vocals by Madria / Sorella Erin / Guinevere:
Track 10, featuring Ani DiFranco as Persephone. From the 2010 album Hadestown by Anaïs Mitchell. The album is a “folk opera” of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

I don’t know about you, boys
But if you’re like me, then hanging around
This old manhole is bringing you down
Six-feet-under getting under your skin
Cabin fever is a-setting in
You’re stir crazy! You’re stuck in a rut!
Or you could use a little pick-me-up
I can give you what it is you crave
A little something from the good old days
I got the wind right here in a jar
I got the rain on tap at the bar
I got sunshine up on the shelf
Allow me to introduce myself

Brother, what’s my name?
My name is…

Our Lady of the Underground!

Brother, what’s my name?

Our Lady of Ways!
Our Lady of Means!

Brother, what’s my name?
My name is…

Our Lady of the Upside Down!

Brother what’s my name?
I’ll tell you my name…

Come here, brother, let me guess
It’s the little things you miss
Spring flowers, autumn leaves
Ask me, brother, and you shall receive
Or maybe these just ain’t enough
Maybe you’re looking for some stronger stuff
I got a sight for the sorest eye
When’s the last time you saw the sky?
Wipe away your tears, brother
Brother, I know how you feel
I can see you’re blinded by the sadness of it all
But look a little closer, everything will be revealed
Look a little closer, there’s a crack in the wall

You want stars? I got a skyful
Put a quarter in the slot, you’ll get an eyeful
You want the moon? I got her too
She’s right here waiting in my pay-per-view
Oh, how long’s it been?
A little moonshine ain’t no sin
One at a time, boys, straight line
What the boss don’t know, the boss won’t mind

Now a folk opera follows Orpheus’ mythical quest to overcome Hades and regain the favor of his one true love,
Eurydice. Together we travel from wide open plains where love and music are not enough nourishment to
survive the winter, down to Hadestown, an industrialized world of mindless labor and full stomachs. Inspired by
traditions of classic American folk music and vintage New Orleans jazz, Mitchell’s beguiling melodies and poetic
imagination pit nature against industry, faith against doubt, and love against death.



Published by

Kore Di-Jana Tradition

Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia - Soul Path/Tradition of Sophian Déanic Faith. Valid ordained The Divine Sophia Who Is Déa Priestesshood aka Kore Di-Jana Order of Priestesses (K.D.-J.O.P.)