A very blessed Adoria to everyone.

I wish to thank Madrina Sophia for the brilliant job she is doing as the new administrator of the Deanic Janite blog.

Coming in the near future, a sister Janite blog devoted to those who also believe  in the Divine Masculine.

On this, the day upon which  we celebrate the appearance of our Beloved Star of Hope, Dea Filia, the Holy Daughter,  we wish everyone blessings, peace and joy.

And an holy and Merry Christmas to our Christian friends.

May Our Divine Kyria bless you,

Blessed is She.

ArchMadra Candra















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Kore Di-Jana Tradition

Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia - Soul path/tradition of Sophian Déanic Faith. Valid & legally ordained Order of Kore Di Jana aka Janite Order of Priestesses (JOP)