Prayer: Silver Star of the waters / Shining Star of the shimmering waters

I would like to take a moment to explain the recent changes in the Silver Star of the waters prayer. This prayer is very basic to our Faith. It is to the Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janite Déanic religion, what the Our Father is to Christianity. It is our most sacred prayer.

The original Madrian prayer [1]:

Silver Star of the waters
that have laughed all the world into being,
beyond all knowing is the splendour of Your light.
Enfold my spirit in Your mighty hand
that the pure stream of Your force may flow within me
in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Silver Star of the waters, that have laughed all the world into being: this verse comes directly from scripture, from the Mythos of Creation chapter 6, verse 8 when the silver star represents Celestial Mother in Her descent to the underworld. However, this relates to the Inanna Mythos. The Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janites base our Mythos on pre-patriarchal non-fallen Divine Sophia. Also within the Eastminster Critical Edition of scripture version 3, Critical Apparatus, 2.2.7 The Primordial Color, there is no single color for Celestial Mother white precedes supernal silver, gold, a supernal color unknown. Therefore we chose a verse directly from our Liturgy which is Shining Star of the shimmering and replace depths with waters clearly indicating the primordial waters of creation.

And yes, we believe that Déa created the Cosmos through Pure Joy, from the laughter of Her Heart. But further, the Janites and the Luciennes teach that Déa created the Cosmos through the Divine Song or the Oran Mor, which means the Divine Song of Creation. And so, laughed would also rightly be sung. However, we chose fashioned for the prayer to indicate that Déa not only sung creation into being, She designed it using the cunning of Her hands which gave shape to each fragment. 5) and Her hands knew cunning. 6) And She stretched forth Her hands and gave a shape to each fragment and no one was like any other. (The Mythos of Creation, Chapter I verses 4-6).

mary mantle of mercy

While Mighty Hand certainly expresses the Power and Might of Déa, Her Mantle of Protection is a much more potent, feminine and significant form of imagery taken from within both our scriptures and our Faith.

1) Ye, that are weary with the world, ye that are lonely, ye that have suffered hardship, that have suffered hurt, come, gather about Me and be ye enfolded in My Mantle.

2) In the inner silence thou shall hear Me, and in the inner darkness shalt thou see Me.

3) And the future shall be better than the past.

4) Come, seek protection in My mantle, for I have turned no creature from Me; be thou sheltered in the folds of My garment.

5) For the ills of the world shall pass away, even as the terrors of the night,

6) And the dawn shall be bright with splendour and sweet with the singing of the blessed souls.

7) And I shall be thy comfort in the darkness. (The Mantle, verses 1-7).

And finally, while the Pure Stream of Force means Energy or Grace, for some, it seemed to convey coercion or compulsion. For the Divine Feminine religion, Grace is a beautiful translation for Streams of Force or Divine Energy.

And so we have our final form [2]:

Shining Star of the shimmering waters,
Who has fashioned all the world into being,
beyond all knowing is the Splendour of Your Light.
Enfold my spirit, within your Mighty Mantle
and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me,
in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.

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Let us Bless The Holy One,
Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power.
Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia & Madrina Sophia

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