Déanic and Filianic Terms Explained

The terms Déanism and Filianism have evolved in recent years due to the greater growth of the community and the new Traditions that have been formed. Déanism, in general, has come to mean devotion to the Divine Mother God as Supreme Deity. (Déa is the Latin for “goddess”
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dea https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/deus )

Most Déanics share the same basic creed in either the long or short form and the same basic scriptures. Déanists only use Living Stream Images for Déa. This is one of the things that separates us from the Pagan community. See: https://deanic.com/becoming-a-devotee/

Déanists might worship Déa as a Trinity (One God in Three Persons); as a Triplicity (One God in Three Forms) or simply as the One Divine Mother.

Déanists may or may not believe in the literal Death of the Daughter. Their Feast Days may focus on the Trinity and the Janae. Janites foster personal devotion to the Janae and encourage the daily practice of Their Virtues. The calender does not necessarily follow the Mythos of the Holy Daughter as closely as does the Filianic calendar.

Some Déanists interpret the doctrine that we willfully turned away from Our Mother at the Dawn of Time and for this fault we needs must suffer from
an entirely different point of view. Janites take their teaching from the LKM or the lesser-known Madrian teachings that do not originate with Lux
Madriana. From a Janite point of view, we did not so much willfully turn away from Our Mother as it was a desire to know that which we did not know.
We wanted to learn the things that exist outside of the Realm of Perfection.

To honor our sovereign will, Déa sang into being and skillfully fashioned Manifest Creation. She did this for us, Her children. And yes, by leaving
Perfection and entering a state of imperfection, which is manifest Creation, we suffer. But, we are able to learn so much from suffering and from all
of our experiences and interactions here, from our failings and our triumphs and so we evolve our souls and are able to greater appreciate joy, wisdom, harmony and all the things that we might take for granted in the Pleroma if we had never experienced the opposite.

Filianics tend to be Trinitarian and focus their worship on the Mother and the Holy Daughter. Most Filianists believe in the literal Death of the Daughter and closely follow Her Mythos throughout the year. Filianists teach that we willfully turned away from the Celestial Mother at the dawn of time and for this fault we must suffer. They focus on the higher Powers of the Janae/Janyati. (Further teachings may be found at mother-god.com.)

We have a saying similar to that of Wicca/Paganism:

Not all Déanists are Filianic, but all Filianists are Déanic.

Basically, it all comes down to the fact that we all believe that Déa is Our Divine Mother God and most of us believe that the Holy Daughter or the Divine Mother in Her Form of the Holy Daughter is our Savioress and that is really all that matters.

All the rest is simply a matter of devotional focus.

Let us Bless The Holy One,
Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power.
Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

The Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janites.


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