Living Seasonally – Sacred Season of Spring March 21st – June 12th

4 Columbina/March 24


Day of Madria Rhea.

O, Madria Rhea, Jana of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint, be with us.

The Sacred Season of Spring

Columbina: March 21 – April 17
Maia: April 18 – May 15
Flora: May 16 – June 12

The Sacred Feast of Eastre hails the onset of Spring. Here in the northeast, we have a ways to go where it has been cold, the lakes are still frozen and the ground is covered in snow, but for all of us, it is the Season of renewed life.

When you live through a time of ice, snow and subzero F temps, each new leaf and every note of bird song of Spring appears to be nothing short of miraculous.

Wear the Dove

For those who follow Seasonal Living, the Sacred Symbol for Spring is the Dove and so we might choose to wear a dove pendant or pin either in addition to or instead of the Fora. Some pendants may be affixed to the bottom of the open knot Celtic cross pendant.

The Dove is the primary Symbol of the Holy Daughter, Who, in Janite Tradition, is image-based upon the Divine Sophia. The Holy Daughter, She Who is the Daughter of Light, She Who is the Daughter of Wisdom, [1] is the Three-fold Dove: the Dove of the Sacrifice, the Dove of Harmony by Her sustaining the world and the Dove of Peace. (The Dove of Sacrifice is from our liturgy.)
ArchMadria Candra Sophia

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Altar Picture/Icon of the Holy Daughter

There are many other suitable images for the Holy Daughter, Who is Déa Filia. Déa Filia means Daughter Goddess.

Unknown Artist. Sophia
Sophia by Hrana Janto – all rights reserved
Virgin Mary with doves by Spidey-Born-Rebel
Our Lady of Fatima surrounded by four white doves vintage postcard
Our Lady of Fatima with Doves, resin made statue


Our altar cloths are blue as are the two main altar candles, (which should be object blessed), for the Seasonal Element of Water, while the veils/hats/scarves and or shawls (males may wear prayer shawls) that we wear during the Rite of Sacrifice (RoS) and the liturgy are pink, green or both, in honor of the Jana of the Season, Madria Grace/Sai Sushuri.

Liturgy shall be celebrated, if possible, on the Day of the Holy Daughter, Lunadi/Monday. Obviously, this might not always be possible and so either Foradi/Saturday,  or Sunnadi/Sunday will suffice.

The Rite of Sacrifice

The RoS may be celebrated on the third day of the Crescent Moon either instead of or in addition to the Full Moon. The clergy shall serve it on both Moons. The Preface for the Crescent Moon is that of the Holy Daughter. The Preface for the Full Moon is that of the Celestial Mother. The next Full Moon, the Dove Moon, will be on 11 Columbina/March 31.

The Preface for the Great Liturgy, for clergy, for each Lunadi in Spring is that of the Holy Daughter, Our Gentle Dove of Peace.

We concentrate on the Virtues of Madria Grace which are Compassion, Love and Mercy.


During prayer, we concentrate on the psalms, litanies and prayers to the Holy Daughter. And there will be more of those to come during this holy month. We can also pray to Her in our own words and spend time in contemplation of Her and communion with Her.

Morning prayer – Aurora Rite [2]

The Akathist to the Dove of Spring (all verses) [3]

The Purity of the Dove [3]

Litany of the Holy Daughter [2]

A Janite Psalm: [2]

1. Psalm 8: O, Gentle Dove of Peace
2. Psalm 6: We Give Praise unto Our Lady

3. Psalm 1: Blessed are the souls

Blessed are the souls, O Daughter, who love Your name;
Your graces will comfort them.
Those souls will be refreshed as by fountains of water;
you will produce in them the fruits of justice.
Blessed are You, by Your holy heart.

By the beauty of Your Form,
You surpass all beings;
by the excellence of Your sanctity,
You surpass all angels and archangels.

Your mercy and Your grace are preached everywhere;
the Holy Mother has blessed the works of Your hands.

(Adapted from the Psalter of the Mary by St. Bonaventure.)

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Let us bless the Divine Queen of Heaven,

Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia and Madria Sophia


[1] Heracleon and Ptolemy tell us that the dove symbolizes “Sophia, the Mother above”.
[2] Copyright of the Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janites. For personal use, only. Permission for the members of the JOP to share on their media with all due crediting.
[3] Copyright of ArchMadria Candra Sophia. Seek Permission and share with all due crediting. For private use only. Permission for the members of the JOP to share on their media with all due crediting.


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