Full Dove Moon

11  Columbina/March 31


O, Sai Rhea, Shield of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-Restraint, be with us.

Today is the Full Dove Moon. The Rite of Veneration may be served.

The Full Moon is also a good time to lay out holy objects to be charged under it’s light, especially objects that are about to be blessed.

The Preface is that of the Celestial Mother and that of the Holy Daughter. These are included in this page: RoV

The scripture reading for tonight is the Exaltia prayer. During the Contemplation section a Spring ritual may be performed, with suitable hymns, meditation, sacred dance, poetry, etc. if desired.


The Exaltia (from the Madrian)

Our Lady is exalted among the daughters of Heaven.

Radiant Princess, Star of the Sea, robed in Celestial Light. She abases the cruel and the proud and hearkens to the plea of the lowly. The rich who deny Her Godhead find not contentment, but blessed is the humblest of Her servants.

She delivers the captive into Her care and takes the hand of the fallen.

May the whole world praise Thee,  beloved Princess. May Thy glory be told of in all the Earth. Let them exalt Thy dominion and Thy valiant courage and glorify Thy holy Name.

Have mercy on Thy servant who gives Thee blessing and take her hand in need and suffering. In illness and distress give her the gift of life.

May she go forever in joy and delight to magnify Thy Holy  Name before all the peoples of the world.