The Sophia Pages

14 Columbina/April 3


Dear Devotees,

We have been learning and discovering so very much, it has been nothing short of stunning. There are some things that we must wait for further confirmation before sharing publicly. But, in many ways, we  are affirmed in our worship of Higher and Lower Sophia as the Transcendent Celestial Mother and the Immanent Holy Daughter along with the use of Marian imagery, iconography and prayers.

We take the stricture of using only Living Stream Forms for Dea very seriously. It is expressly forbidden for Janites to use non-Living Stream forms for any member of the Trinity.

We recognize the Hindu Goddesses and the Goddess, Tara as Living Stream Goddesses. And though She is not understood to be God, per se, Quan Yin is considered, by many, to be the Mary of the East and so is included in our list of Living Stream Forms. For various reasons, we also recognize Bridget and of course, the  Shekinah.

But, I believe that we could readily say that, the True Mother/Daughter Goddess of the West is Sophia. Her Mother or Higher Avatar is the Barbelo. In some Gnostic Schools, Her Mother is Siege or Silence.

Kore Di-Jana is a title which loosely translates as The Divine Daughter, the Divine Gate. Sophia is the Divine Gate to Her Holy Mother.

(Of course, we do not believe in the Patriarchal teachings which diminish Sophia’s sovereignty by claiming that She is ‘trapped here or that She needed a male savior. Please see Max Dashu’s articles.)

We are also very careful about which images we use to depict the Holy Daughter.  One requirement is that the images and depictions must always show Her as being modestly dressed and never posed in a sensual manner.

Sophia is known as the Creatrix of the Cosmos. She is called Saviouress. She (along with Her Counterpart, the Shekinah) is the World Soul.  She is Wisdom and the Daughter of Wisdom. In Proverbs, She gives us Her Bread and Wine. She (along with Her Counterpart…the Shekinah) is known as the Holy Spirit. She rules over the Seven Planetary Powers. She is the Highest Ruler of the manifest universe and is the mediatrix between the upper and lower realms. She is the Mother of the Living and the Great Mother Principle Who rules over the Four Elements.

Her Mother, the Barbelo, was known as the Perfect Glory from Whom came the Father and the Mother and the Son. She might rightly be considered Absolute Deity.

And so, we will shortly begin a brief series on Sophia beginning with The Sophia of Creation. This series will be comprised of authentic teachings and sayings about Sophia or Sophia/Shekinah.

Please note, we agree with those who teach that Sophia is not derived or evolved from Pagan goddesses; nor is She to be equated with Pagan goddesses. Sophia, a member of the Godhead, is Supreme Being. The Pagan goddesses, for the most part, were not Supreme Being/God, nor were they ‘aspects’ of God. Those goddesses who were understood, by their devotees, to be the Great Goddess or the Great Mother, are not Living Stream goddesses.

Blessed be Our Lady.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides