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22 Columbina/April 11


Mnemosyne. Alternately titled: Lamp of Memory. Alternately titled: Ricordanza. Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1876-1881 (circa)

O, Madria Sage, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Dear Devotees and friends,

The Tradition of the Janites has been merged with that of Sorella Roselyn on

Sorella Roselyn’s Tradition and the Janites are both the same Sophian Déanic Tradition. We are on the same page thealogically. Together, we are an Independent Déanic Tradition which stems from the Divine Feminine side of Gnosticism.

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We will continue to focus on Déa as we have been. But, we are making it clear that we do not deny the Divine Masculine as long as it is understood that Déa is Supreme.

It is also important to know that Sophian Deanism is specifically a Déanic Order. Those of our devotees of Déa who also worship the Divine Masculine come from different religious denominations and many practice a Blended Path.

It is interesting to note, for those who are also Christian, that in Gnosticism, Jesus calls the Holy Spirit, His Mother. He acknowledged the Divine Feminine.

This Sophian Déanic Tradition will be strong because the Sophian Trinity is a perfect Form for Déa, for Janites, with the Barbelo or Sige, which means Silence, as the perfect Form for the Great Mother. Maria Sophia, who is Mother Sophia for the Celestial Mother, and Who, in Gnosticism, is known as the original Creatrix and Zoe Sophia as the Form for the Sacrificial Daughter. She is known as the Daughter Incarnate. All of this has an authentic base for a Déanic Order. We need not look to Pagan goddesses when we have our Own Divine Mother.

And there are very many beautiful scriptures in addition to the Madrian Scriptures that are available to us . And I have just discovered, through Sorella Roselyn, a beautiful oral tradition where Mary Magdalene speaks about the Mother Spirit in ways that sound like they come straight out of the Déanic religion. I have written to Tau Malachi to request permission to post some of those verses on the Janite blog.

In fact, those who practice a blended path with Christianity may choose to follow what many are beginning to do and that is, instead of saying Holy Spirit, say Mother Spirit. ( Also, research the many online articles and books which explain how the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine as She was explicitly acknowledged in the liturgy of the early Syrian Church.)

Like Goddess Judaism, which honors their fore-mothers such as Ruth, Naomi, Sarah, etc., we will also have our own fore-mothers in the form of Gnostic goddesses and women like the Gnostic Mary Magdalene and Eve, Nora, etc.,  from whom we take inspiration.

In fact, during the ordination ceremony in the Catholic Church, it is said … are a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek. When I was ordained as a priest of Sophia, it was stated to me that I am a priest forever according to the Order of Sarah. We will honor Sarah, as well.

A few years ago, ArchMatrona Ghrian made the decision to follow the goddesses of her pre-Christian ancestors. By doing so, she created the beautiful Deanic Tradition that we know today as the Lady of Light Chantry , otherwise known as the Lucienne Tradition.

I am now following the complete goddess Tradition of my own ancestors.  Sophia has always been worshiped in one form or another. She’s been worshiped as the Holy Spirit ; She has been worshiped by many Russians as as well as by many modern Goddess Christians as being incarnate in Mary and She has been worshiped in Gnosticism.

Now, She’s becoming known in mainstream religions like the Episcopalian Church, some (though rare) Baptist churches and in certain Catholic and other Christian circles. She is recognized as the True Divine Sophia, as Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul, as Mary-Isis-Sophia and as the Holy Spirit as opposed to the Fallen Goddess as some Gnostic schools would come to later portray Her. We, of course, know Her as Absolute Deity, Mother and Daughter.

She has appeared in visions to Russian mystics and to others. And She was known to Saint Hildegarde of the 12th century.

The Divine Sophia has said to one of the seers, ‘When they have prayed to Mary, they were praying to Me.’

She is the Great Goddess Who was hidden under the guise of Mary. She and no other.

This is an incredibly exciting time for us and one which brings me full circle to the beginning of my own Soul Path and to my greatest Desire.

I love you. Love me. I am Sophia. [1]

ArchMadria Candra

[1] (Sophia to the seeress Aurora Terreness in the New Forest of England, 1971).


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