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10 Maia/27 April


O, Madria Grace, Jana of Compassion, Love and Mercy, be with us.

The Great Moon will occur over 11/12 Maia, this weekend. I believe that Madria Sophia will be sharing with us the scripture and preface readings for the RoS.


We will be beginning a series of short classes, via email, on Dr. Rose Harmon Arthur’s, “The Wisdom Goddess: Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents”, a book that belongs not only in every Gnostic library, but certainly on the bookshelves of anyone who is devoted to Holy Sophia, Our Divine Mother.

This book was a main source for the articles written by scholar Max Dashu.

It is unfortunate that this book is out of print, but copies are still available through Amazon both here in the U.S. and also, I believe, in the U.K.

It is also available through the online catalogs of the National Library of Australia, the World, I believe the online catalog of Stanford University and other sources.

This book is not just a valuable resource for understanding the Mother God of the West, but it is also a clear example of how the “masculinization  of religion” in the West took place. It clearly shows how the early Christians took pre-Christian Gnostic texts and not only Christianized them, but also either y demoted the Divine Sophia in the process or turned Her into a male (Jesus).

The study of this book is required for Janite clergy as well as for those studying for the priestesshood.

Right now, where I still don’t have a computer, these ‘classes’ will basically be in email form for informational purposes and not really a discussion group, per se. Down the road, there will be more required for priestess studies.

Because this book is out of print and because this info is so vital, not just for Sophians, but for all Déanists who wish to see a scholarly example of how the Divine Feminine was demoted in the West, we are offering these informal email classes to all, regardless of Déanic/Filianic Tradition. If any devotee is interested in receiving these classes, please write to me, ArchMadria Candra at and I will put you on the list. Thank you.

Please note that these are not classes on Gnosticism, we are Deanic, not Gnostic, nor is a reading of Gnostic scriptures required.


So, I’ve been debating whether to mention this or not, because I can’t give out any details whatsoever and in fact, I know very little about them, so feel free to believe or disbelieve. And please keep in mind that here I am not speaking about the Madrians or Traditional Households or anything similar to what we are doing.

It has come to my attention that there is an Order of priestesses of the Goddess, in what is clearly a Déanic style religion, in a remote area whose Tradition goes back thousands of years. Yes, thousands of years.  They have, quite understandably, chosen to remain hidden from the world. But, nice to know that we are not alone. 🙂

Please don’t send me questions, this is all I can share and much I do not know.


We are going to be resuming the weekly prayer list. If you or a loved one (including pet family members) are in need of prayer, please send your prayer requests to either me at the above email address or to Madria Sophia at Thank you.


As we know, the Feast of Coronam is right around the corner. Stay tuned for suggested hymns, customs and scripture readings.

May Our Lady Bless you,

Blessed is She.




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